Hitchhiker Ankle Boots

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Hitchhike your way across the states in these Hitchhiker Boots. 

There is a certain mystery about hitchhikers. Do you stop and offer them a ride? If you pick them up do you take them to the closest highway diner and get their life story? Or do you get shoved in your own trunk? It's all in the hand of cards you're dealt I suppose. 

These classic stitched, gray booties would tempt me to stop and take my chances on milkshakes or murder. Any gal wearing a boot like this, dragging a suitcase has to be on the path to success, right? She knows where she needs to go and is willing to do anything to get there. Buckle up, Buttercup, you're taking the Hitchhiker to the nearest diner.

  • Sizing Suggestion: Wear true to size, if in between sizes go down a half size.
  • Click the "HOLLER AT ME" button to request your size if it is currently sold out.  You will receive a notification when we restock it!
  • Heel height measures approx. 2.75".