Boot Fit Tips & Tricks

We’re so glad you’ve joined our HERD at Broker Leather.  Since we didn’t get to chat with you in person at our boutique in Decorah, we thought we’d fill you in on our favorite boot fit tips and tricks.

Not all boots run True To Size [TTS].  Please read each product description for our sizing suggestion.  Some boot brands run smaller than "normal" and others run "larger" than normal.

In a new boot, you should have roughly 1/8 inch slip in your heel and a snug feeling of the leather across the top of your foot. Through wear, the heel structure of the boot will soften and eliminate the slipping feeling, and the leather across the top of your foot will stretch and conform to the shape of your instep. It is important that a new pair of genuine leather boots be as snug to your foot as possible in order to allow them to stretch to your foot shape.

We recommend these steps to aid in getting a rigid boot on for the first time:

➴  Make sure that your feet aren't hot or swollen from a long day standing/walking. It is best to try on new boots in the morning.

➶  Wear thin socks or even nylons the first few times you wear new leather boots until they stretch and conform to your feet.

➴  Stand while using the pull tabs and pushing your foot into the boot. It should have a nice “pop” feeling once it snaps on.

➶ Twist/roll your foot to get through the instep.

➴  Work at it for a few minutes, taking breaks if you need to.

Once you have your new boots on, please remember that it will take time for leather to stretch and conform to your feet.  The softer the leather is, the more it stretches.  If you’d like to speed up the stretching process, make sure to soften the leather with a good conditioner, like Black Rock Leather & Rich. 

My typical break-in-period looks like this: Buy kick-ass new boots. Spray with Ariat Water & Stain Protectant. Let soak in for a day. Condition with Black Rock, wear around the house immediately while Black Rock is soaking in. I typically wear them just a few hours at a time at first until they've stretched out to conform to my foot. Usually, 3-4 wears for me. 

You are always welcome to contact us with additional questions & Remember...


XO,Brianne and the Broker Leather Herd