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Where is your store located?

You can find our boot boutique in the remarkable bluff country of Northeast Iowa.  Heralded for undeniable scenic beauty, Winneshiek County and Decorah also offer a plethora of things to do, see and experience.  Our immediate surrounding area, Water Street, includes numerous bars and restaurants, several art galleries/frame shops, a handful of coffee shops, numerous gift/floral shops, a candy store, several jewelry stores, plentiful salons, a number of clothing boutiques, and a picturesque park in the town square.  Broker Leather, in its 100+-year-old building boasting with character, will be nestled right in the heart of this energetic, Norwegian-loving downtown.

Broker Leather [Boot Boutique & Leather Goods]
222 W Water Street
Decorah, Iowa 52101

What are your hours in-store?

TUE: 9-5
WED: 9-5
THUR: 9-5
FRI: 9-5
SAT: 9-Noon
Our Sundays & Mondays are reserved for faith & family. 
We happily ship online orders from Sunday & Monday immediately on Tuesday morning.  
In addition to opening our gates Tuesday-Saturday we are also adding a "Here for Our Herd" shop by appointment on Mondays, weeknight evenings, and Saturday afternoons. We want to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our Herd members, so if you would like to shop with us outside of our business hours due to a health concern, just holler! [We will do our best to accommodate the time frame that works best for you {and a gal pal or two} keeping in mind that sometimes we are out to pasture with our heifers.]

What is your return policy?

Our Return Policy [as printed on the bottom of your original receipt] is as follows:
Refunds can be given in the initial form of payment on full-price items in original condition within 15 days when a receipt is present.  After 15 days, an in-store credit will be granted for an item in original condition. Gift cards and Sale Barn items or any item not sold at full-price are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes!  And you definitely WANT to JOIN OUR HERD for these steals!!!  Complete the following steps to be the first to see our NEW ARRIVALS and to participate in FREE GIVEAWAYS!

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Why didn't my boots come in their original box?

We take pride in recycling our boot boxes and packaging materials.  We want to do our part to take care of the environment.  Sometimes your order might not be shipped in the original box.  If your order comes in a mismatched box, we may have already recycled it, or it was oversized, to begin with.  We will always utilize the smallest box possible to allow for priority shipping.  Please help us recycle. 


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. We choose to offer quality boots and leather goods that are unique and trendy, well-made, and functional.  In-store and online, we demonstrate the Midwestern values of loyalty and hard work. We provide elite customer service while encouraging our customers to live by our motto: "Only Look Down To Admire Your Boots."  Please contact us with any concerns regarding your experience and/or purchase and we will do our best to reach a resolution to your satisfaction.

Why does my item look different than the one online?

The handcrafted value in the items we offer makes each one unique in color, texture, and sole.  Please contact us about the visual appeal or sole texture of your desired style and size if you have any questions prior to ordering.


How do I know what size to order?

Every brand of boot we offer is made from its own last; therefore, it has its own fit. The same goes for different styles within one company's lineup. For each individual product on our website, we try to include our best sizing recommendation within the description.  After reading and analyzing our suggestion, please keep in mind that all genuine leather will stretch with wear.  A brand new boot should fit nice and snug across the top of your foot because ALL LEATHER STRETCHES.  If you ever have questions regarding a particular style's fit, please contact us prior to ordering to eliminate the need for an exchange.  We are here to help!


How do you choose names for your products?

Since all of our products are so unique we like to give them their own names. If a person or a name comes to mind immediately upon packing new merchandise that is usually the name the item is given. Other times we name products after states, towns, landmarks, horses, random thoughts we have, and other spontaneous things.


How should I care for my brand new boots?


The better you care for your boots the longer they will last! We offer a water and stain protectant spray to help keep genuine leather boots dry and mark free. Just remember that the coating of spray will wear off over time so don't forget to spray them every few months [make sure they are clean before you spray them.] We also offer and highly recommend using a good leather conditioner. Here at Broker Leather, we use Black Rock Leather & Rich. It is important to keep your boots and leather goods well conditioned and soft because if they dry out they are subject to crinkle and crack. We offer care products in store and on our website for easy access to our customers.


Can you special order boots that we’ve seen online but don’t see on your website/store?

This is dependent on the style and the brand of the boots! If the boots are from a company that we carry and have accounts with, as well as the company having them available to order we would be happy to get them in for you! Several of the genuine leather boot brands handcraft all of their styles which can take weeks, even months to create a specific boot in style, size and shipment method. Other times companies will have discontinued a style making it unavailable to us/our customers. However, if they are available we are more than happy to assist you in finding the boots of your dreams!

Is all of your footwear leather and/or suede?

Yes, currently all of our footwear is genuine leather.  Because we believe in offering the best-quality products that are durable and long-lasting, we only purchase genuine leather footwear.

What's the best way to break-in new boots?

My typical break-in-period looks like this: Buy kick-ass new boots. Spray with Ariat Water & Stain Protectant. Let soak in for a day. Condition with Black Rock, wear around the house immediately while Black Rock is soaking in. I typically wear them just a few hours at a time at first until they've stretched out to conform to my foot. Usually, 3-4 wears for me.   

What are the best boots for kids? [Ones that hold up but don’t cost an arm and leg because they grow out of them way too fast.]

"Best" is so situational!

Personally, I'm much more willing to spend more on a boot knowing it will last through my two girls' daily wear, while other people are perfectly happy with a boot their kids are only going to wear a handful of times but are much less expensive. We've found that Ariat Brand is the "best" rounded quality for price in our store for the bulk of customers, but also understand that it doesn't fit all needs.




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