You can find our brick and mortar boot boutique in the remarkable bluff country of Northeast Iowa. Heralded for undeniable scenic beauty, Allamakee County and Waukon also offer a plethora of things to do, see and experience. Plan a day trip to experience our immediate surrounding area. Main Street includes so many great things including fun bar where one of our famous photo shoot took place [Goodfellas], several restaurants of varying cuisine, a delectable coffee shop, a handful of clothing boutiques, a brand new gift shop, a locally owned tattoo shop, a pet store, and an Escape Room.
Broker Leather, in our newly renovated 130+-year-old building boasting with character, will be nestled right in the heart of this unspoiled Midwestern town.

Broker Leather [Boot Boutique & Leather Goods]
5 E Main St
Waukon, IA 52172

Our Regular/General Business Hours are:

Monday: 10 am- 5 pm
Tuesday: Online Only
Wednesday: 10 am- 5 pm
Thursday: 10 am- 7 pm
Friday: 10 am- 5 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm
Sundays: Online Only

Thank you for checking small businesses' hours as they sometimes vary during busy summer months.

We post any "special" business hours in our BLOG; as well as, updating Google.

Please note we are MOST EFFICIENTLY able to respond via email. Please email brianne@brokerleather.com if you need assistance.

1 Day!

Your online orders are packaged as soon as possible, in-between in-store customers. Most often, your order is packaged within hours of you placing your online order and shipped that same afternoon.  Very rarely does it take longer than 24 hours to for us to get your order to the post office and on the way to you!

Almost all items are shipped directly from our storefront in Waukon.  A few items are shipped directly from an offsite warehouse.  Those products are identified with ✜ ONLINE EXCLUSIVE ✜ noted at the end of the product title.  The warehouse we partner with is quite speedy at shipping, as well.  Please check your e-mail for automated shipping updates from our software.  

Our computer system is exceptionally robust, and we are quick to ship.  So if you've placed an order and you're wondering where it is - check your e-mail [or texts]!  As long as you entered your e-mail at checkout, you'll receive tracking information as soon as we package your purchase.  [If you didn't - please check your junk/spam folders.]If your order tracking shows "delivered," but you haven't received it, please contact your local post office.  Your local post office or UPS store will GPS the package to locate it for you.  If it shows "delivered" and they are unable to find your package, please reach out to your local law enforcement or file a claim with USPS/UPS.  Broker Leather is not responsible for packages after they leave our store.

If you shared the love and tagged us in an unboxing story on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or any other social media channel and we didn't reply with a coupon code specifically for you within 24 hours, we probably didn't see it!  Chances are, your personal social media settings are "private," which means we didn't receive a notification that you were lovin' on us!  Please message us a screenshot or email me at brianne@brokerleather.com, and I promise I'll get the coupon that's due to you. Thank you for being our favorite source of advertising!

Return Policy:

Our Return Policy [as printed on the bottom of your original receipt or on the reverse side of your packing slip] is as follows:

Refunds for store credit on full-price items in their original condition [tags attached, no signs of wear and tear, free from pet hair/pet smell/cigarette smoke/stains, etc.] will be offered up to 30 days from the purchase date. Returns/exchanges cannot be accepted after 30 days.

We Stand By Our Word:
We strive to bring you quality products, and we want to take care of you. If you received a damaged or defective item, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the damaged item so we can rectify the situation. Please email us immediately at brianne@brokerleather.com and we will take care of you the best we can.

To complete your return, the form on the reverse side of your packing slip must be included with the product you are returning. Any returns submitted without this accompanying form [or an original receipt for an in-store purchase] will not be eligible for store credit.

The customer is responsible for paying shipping costs for returning the goods. ALL Shipping costs are non-refundable. The original cost of shipping incurred by Broker Leather will be deducted from your store credit.  If you applied a discount code to complete your purchase the amount deducted will not be included in the store credit refund and further access to that code may be revoked by the computer system.

Your store credit refund request will be processed within 2-4 business days of receiving your returned package. You will be issued sufficient funds in-store credit via the e-mail address attached to the qualifying order. Store credit does not expire and can be used in-store and/or online.

Gift cards, Sale Barn items, any item sold at a discount, hats, wild rags, sunglasses, and all jewelry are FINAL SALE. 

We love your taste and are so glad that you are grazing in our pasture!  All of the in-stock products that we feature on our website are the items that we have available to ship immediately to your doorstep. We are happy to pack up your online orders and get them to you lickety split. In an effort to keep our inventory records as accurate as possible our system can not accommodate holds or delays on shipments. We encourage you to tie down your favorite item[s] right away by placing your order online. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, that being said, we offer a 30-day return policy that can be found above. For some tips and tricks about breaking in new leather boots, some handy little pointers can also be found in our FAQ.!)

YES!  You definitely want to start earning points right away!  Here's why: you earn rewards points just for signing up, for your birthday, for referring friends, and for each purchase you make.

Our system converts your purchase dollars into points, those points build the more you purchase, and then when you have enough points you get discounts!  Your points never expire, and they just keep building!

We offer THREE discount levels for you to use your points.  The first level is $5 OFF your entire purchase, the second is $10 OFF your entire purchase, and the third is $20 OFF your entire purchase. You read correctly cowgirl, you can earn up to $20 OFF a purchase if you use our rewards program!

When you've got enough points for a discount you will receive an email from the Herd with a code to use at your online checkout! For any in-store purchases, the system will let us girls know at the register, and we will get you set up with your savings! Now that you know discounts are coming your way, saddle up and shop our pasture, pals.

We take pride in recycling our boot boxes and packaging materials.  We want to do our part to take care of the environment.  Sometimes your order might not be shipped in the original box.  If your order comes in a mismatched box, we may have already recycled the original, or it was over-sized to begin with.  We will always utilize the smallest box possible to allow for priority shipping.  Thank you for understanding our recycling policy, and for doing the same once you receive your package.

Yes. We choose to offer quality boots and leather goods that are unique and trendy, well-made, and functional.  In-store and online, we demonstrate the Midwestern values of loyalty and hard work. We provide elite customer service while encouraging our customers to live by our motto: "Only Look Down To Admire Your Boots."  Please contact us with any concerns regarding your experience and/or purchase and we will do our best to reach a resolution to your satisfaction.

The handcrafted value in the items we offer makes each one unique in color, texture, and sole.  Variations in color will also appear in photography due to the change in full natural light versus different tones of lightbulbs in-store.  Device color corrections settings also vary from computer to computer and cell phone to cell phone.

Please contact us about the visual appeal or sole texture of your desired style and size if you have any questions prior to ordering.


Every brand of boot we offer is made from its own last; therefore, it has its own fit. The same goes for different styles within one company's lineup. For each individual product on our website, we try to include our best sizing recommendation within the description.  After reading and analyzing our suggestion, please keep in mind that all genuine leather will stretch with wear.  A brand new boot should fit nice and snug across the top of your foot because ALL LEATHER STRETCHES.  If you ever have questions regarding a particular style's fit, please contact usprior to ordering to eliminate the need for an exchange.  We are here to help! 

In a new boot, you should have roughly 1/8 inch slip in your heel and a snug feeling of the leather across the top of your foot. Through wear, the heel structure of the boot will soften and eliminate the slipping feeling, and the leather across the top of your foot will stretch and conform to the shape of your instep. It is important that a new pair of genuine leather boots be as snug to your foot as possible in order to allow them to stretch to your foot shape.

We recommend these steps to aid in getting a rigid boot on for the first time:

✜ Make sure that your feet aren't hot or swollen from a long day standing/walking. It is best to try on new boots in the morning.

✜  Wear thin socks or even nylons the first few times you wear new leather boots until they stretch and conform to your feet.

✜  Stand while using the pull tabs and pushing your foot into the boot. It should have a nice “pop” feeling once it snaps on.

✜  Twist/roll your foot to get through the instep.

✜  Work at it for a few minutes, taking breaks if you need to.

Once you have your new boots on, please remember that it will take time for leather to stretch and conform to your feet.  The softer the leather is, the more it stretches.  If you’d like to speed up the stretching process, make sure to soften the leather with a good conditioner, like Black Rock Leather & Rich. 

My typical break-in-period looks like this: Buy kick-ass new boots. Spray with Ariat Water & Stain Protectant. Let soak in for a day. Condition with Black Rock, wear around the house immediately while Black Rock is soaking in. I typically wear them just a few hours at a time at first until they've stretched out to conform to my foot. Usually, 3-4 wears for me.

Since all of our products are so unique we like to give them their own names. If a person or a name comes to mind immediately upon packing new merchandise that is usually the name the item is given. Other times we name products after states, towns, landmarks, horses, random thoughts we have, and other spontaneous things.

The better you care for your boots the longer they will last! We offer the following care products in store and on our website for easy access to our customers.

We live by this All-In-One Shoe Care Kit to help keep genuine leather boots dry and mark free. Just remember that the coating of spray will wear off over time so don't forget to spray them every few months [make sure they are clean before you spray them.]

We also offer and highly recommend using a good leather conditioner. Here at Broker Leather, we love Blackrock Leather & Rich. It is important to keep your boots and leather goods well conditioned and soft because if they dry out they are subject to crinkle and crack. 

For our moccasins, we can't live without these Minnetonka Care Kits.  This kit includes everything you will need for cleaning and protecting leather, suede, fabric and nubuck moccs.

This is dependent on the style and the brand of the boots! If the boots are from a company that we carry and have accounts with, as well as the company having them available to order we would be happy to get them in for you! Several of the genuine leather boot brands handcraft all of their styles which can take weeks, even months to create a specific boot in style, size and shipment method. Other times companies will have discontinued a style making it unavailable to us/our customers. However, if they are available we are more than happy to assist you in finding the boots of your dreams!

Goods that feature genuine hair-on-hide may shed their fibers and change texture with wear. This is a natural effect of friction and wear, yet the quality of the leather will remain the same. We encourage you to embrace the unique qualities of your item and enjoy that it's one of a kind.

Genuine leather is an impressionable material, even with the strength and longevity of the item a new boot may obtain a gentle mark or two before it finds its way to you. While we hope that your new boots have the opportunity to get roughed up on your adventures, we also know that sometimes they can arrive at your door with a “worn” look when they hit your doorstep. Not to worry, genuine leather goods will hold up through those little bumps and bruises in your everyday lives. Some of the styles we offer to our customers are already familiar-looking, where the well-loved look is intentional. Our distressed styles are meant to be just that, handcrafted and unique with their own identity – just like our herd and the companies inside our fences. Rest assured that the distressed style and the edgy vibes are meant to be there, just like our boots are meant to be on your feet. 

You are always welcome to contact us with additional questions & Remember... 


Brianne and the Broker Leather Herd