All-In-One Shoe Care Kit

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Keep your boots at "factory settings" with our All-In-One Shoe Care Kit.

  • Great for Canvas, Fabric, Leather, & Mesh footwear.  Pre-treat all items like boots, sandals, shoes, purses, and wallets.
  • Contains one 6 oz. bottle of water repellent spray & one 2.5 oz. bottle of brush-top shoe cleaner.  The cleaner is GREAT for white soles of sandals, Hey Dudes, Hilos, Cruisers, etc.

To Pre-Treat Your New Boots/Sandals/Shoes/Purse/Wallet:

Simply spray the Water Repellent Spray on your boots and accessories to preserve the life and beauty of the leather.  This Water and Stain Repellent will provide an impermeable layer of protection against water, dirt, and stains.

Hold your can approx. 6 inches away and spray the dry, clean leather evenly.  Do not saturate.  Once it has dried completely, begin making memories in your boots.

To Clean:

Gently press red tip against boot/shoe to release the cleaner.  Brush entire area thoroughly and evenly with the brush top.  This powerful cleaning solution tackles dirt and grime for a fresh, clean look.  Good for canvas, fabric, leather, and mesh.