Snakes Don't Hiss Anymore.

"Watch for snakes!"

That is a quote I have grown up hearing and am now saying to my children. Even though it's been hot and dry this summer in Iowa, in the fashion world, snakes (snake print) are all over as well.


So as much as I prefer to stay away from the real things, I love some snake print shoes. Whether it's sneakers, boots, or sandals, I like them all. But these, now. These Ariat Greeley Western Booties are so good! The colors are rich while still being neutral. The black and gray snake print and the tan sole with dark gray studs make them much better than all the rest.


To kick things off with their styling, I paired them with some denim shorts and a gray top. I added a silver beaded necklace to match the studs on the boots. This outfit would be great on its own for a summer look. Since Fall fashion is out, I added the cardigan over the top to show an option for those September days when we may start to get cooler temps. 


A dressier work-friendly summer option is with these tan-colored cargo joggers I found and a basic black bodysuit. Simple as that. So cute and so easy. The boots tied the top and bottom together and added a bit of edge to the look.


Speaking of edge, I had to try an edgy look with these boots because I wouldn't be doing them justice if I didn't. I had this brown skirt in my closet, but here's a similar one we have now in black. I added a graphic tee and tied it in a knot at the waist, and layered on some necklaces. Add a leather or denim jacket overtop if needed. So fun and so cute!


Who doesn't love jeans and a sweatshirt? These boots are perfect for those days too! I paired them with our Sarah Straight Leg Cuffed Jeans, but check out our other denim options too. These boots can be worn with all styles of jeans. I added my favorite Midwest sweatshirt I had purchased last year from another one of our town's boutiques, Silver Lane. Be sure to check them out as well if you haven't already!

I am going to continue to keep my eyes peeled for snakes, whether it's the real deal or these boots, while I'm out and about. If these boots happen to be close enough to you, I would capture them while you can!

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