The Handy Dandy "Tulle" You Didn't Know You Needed.

But for real, do you have family or engagement pictures planned? If so, wear this skirt!

Having a tulle skirt in your closet really does come in handy every now and then, and let me tell you why. It works with so many different items in your closet that you probably already own. I mean, it works with jackets, bodysuits, tall boots, short boots, heels, and sneakers! It's ALMOST as good as jeans :) 


The Priscilla Mesh Ballerina Tulle Skirt is such a fun and whimsical addition to your closet. The black color helps keep it classic and transitional throughout the year. The length and weight of this skirt are perfect for any time of the year. Pair it with some tights in the cooler months, but when it warms up, its flowy material will help to keep you cool. 


A tulle skirt doesn't have to be worn as a glamorous piece of clothing. I am showing you how to wear this skirt as more of a work or small event outfit. Of course, you can dress to the 9's in this skirt, and it will be absolutely stunning as well! But for some more practical wear, here are some options. 


The first way I styled it was with a graphic t-shirt. I see this style of outfit all over the internet. This is an excellent option for a teacher to wear to work if you're attending a church service or a low-key celebration. Pairing a T-shirt with it, it dresses the skirt down. Adding some sneakers or flat sandals finishes the look off by keeping it low maintenance. I paired one of the Ansley Cowhide Fringe Fanny Packs with it for an easy on-the-go bag choice. The comfort of this skirt with its elastic waistband makes it ideal for when you know you'll be moving, eating, or sitting a lot and want to be comfortable throughout the day.


The second way is an edgier version. I love the look of a moto-style jacket with tulle skirts. I added the Farrow Moto Denim Studded Western Jacket over a simple fitted cami, but a bodysuit would also be a great option. To add some sparkle, I added a belt to the skirt's waistband. I finished the look with the Liberty Black Mezcilla Indigo Denim Booties. The denim booties kept it a little country, but a classic high heel would make it a chic look, and a combat or Chelsea-style boot would keep that edgy feel. I would easily wear this for a night out with friends, a concert, or even a fun-themed bachelorette party. 


The last way I styled this skirt is for my ladies who want to dress up but maybe struggle or just don't like wearing dresses. The skirt paired with the Cole Gold Aztec Knit Tank is a great idea for summer events. Any sort of blouse or dressy shirt can be paired with this skirt by simply tucking it into the waistband of the skirt. I added a belt and a wild rag for my accessories this time, and the Lane Lexington Over-the-Knee Boots to go underneath the skirt for boots. This is a great look for weddings this summer.  

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