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Extra, extra, read all about it!

In today's blog post, we are styling these "extra" wild little pair of pants. I am 5'2" and wearing a size small in these pants. I would suggest sizing up for length and a looser fit. They are stretchy, but I would say they fit a little snugly if you wear your true size. 

Extra comfortable. These pants are perfect for a movie night on the couch. The stretch and softness of the fabric will keep you comfortable, but the fun leopard pattern is dressy enough that when the doorbell rings for your pizza delivery, you'll be the best-dressed night owl they ever did see.

I paired a solid-colored sweatshirt to balance out the pattern of the pants for this look. I then added this faux Navajo pearl necklace to accessorize in case you need to run out of the house for that fountain pop you're craving. I chose a flat sandal with gold studs to finish the look. Don't be afraid to mix metals in your outfits; the rules on this aren't as strict as they used to be anymore ;) The gold studs on the sandal help elevate the outfit just enough to make it a perfect outfit to run those errands in of yours.   


The next outfit is for our graphic tee days. This was my dressiest look of the four outfits, and we all love a good graphic tee because they can be paired with just about anything. So I chose a shirt with a pattern just as loud as the pants. I used leopard pants as my "neutral" item in this outfit. I added a big black belt with silver conchos, some black booties, a faux Navajo pearl necklace, and a hat.

For this outfit, the more, the merrier in accessories. You could easily layer up necklaces, stack some bracelets or add some big earrings. Hats, jewelry, bags, and jackets are perfect items to build these pants up to their full potential. Don't hesitate to add a bright-colored shirt or shoe with these pants. I promise you won't take away from the pants by doing this.


A graphic sweatshirt or even a sweater is another great option for an on-the-go look. This time I paired a fun sweatshirt with the pants and added a turquoise necklace. I have on some sandals in this picture, but I think fun sneakers would be absolutely adorable with these pants. I mean, bust out those high tops and a trucker hat you'd be rockin' the sidewalks!


Lastly, I was thinking of vacations, summer, or river days. These days will be coming! These pants are made of a thinner material but were not see-through for me, which makes them a great option for warmer weather. The material and pattern are very forgiving, so they are great to throw in a bag and take along with you. So I thought a fun way to wear them in the summer would be with your swimsuits on the boat or throw them on as you walk into that fun little river bar after you have had a day full of sunshine. If I were ready to be in a swimsuit, I would have shown you this with a swimsuit, but I'll leave that up to your imagination. Instead, I just paired a loose-fitting tank top with it and added a necklace but a cute gauze-y beach shirt or denim button-up would also be stylish.


From couch to store or concert to sunshine, these pants are ready for it all, and you'll be sure to have a good time!

 Thanks for tuning in again! - Brooke

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