No, you’re not dreaming. Denim boots are a real thing.

No, you’re not dreaming. These Liberty Black Mezcilla Indigo Denim Booties are real. They are also comfortable, versatile, and one of my new favorite boots. I love the level of comfort this particular style of boot has. I will wear this boot to work because the snip toe gives it a professional look, and the low heel height provides comfort.

They are also comfortable, versatile, and one of my new favorite boots.

Denim boots do sound a little crazy, and I think that is exactly what people thought when I mentioned them at first. How does a person wear denim boots? My answer is, however you want to! I honestly do feel like there is no rule right now with this trend. I see people wearing them with denim from head to toe or being worn on their own as the only piece of denim in their outfit. 

So here are a couple of ways that I have paired them with some items. First, we’ll start with one of our T-shirt dresses. I loved the denim boots with this dress because I felt that they added some color to the outfit without taking your eye completely away from the dress. I let the shoes be my accessories. To take this outfit up another notch, I added my denim studded jacket (that's on sale now!) and a bolo-style necklace. The boots on the bottom and the denim jacket on the top made for a cohesive look that keeps your eyes moving from head to toe. 

I let the shoes be my accessories.

Now with some shorts. In this particular outfit, I paired them with some black metallic shorts. I went for a bit of an edgy look with a graphic tee and a black denim studded vest. The boots add interest to this outfit while still keeping things pretty simple. You could make it a casual look with some denim shorts and a plaid long-sleeve tied around your waist. Either of these styles would be a great option for the upcoming fairs.

Can you wear denim boots with jeans? Absolutely! If you’re not super sure about the denim boots trend, a great way to wear them first is with a pair of flare or wide-leg jeans. That way, the toe of the boot is just peeking out under your jeans. Any wash of denim works. I have paired them with black flares, as well as with a dark wash straight leg. 


Dresses and skirts are great options for these boots as well this summer and even into fall. They are feminine enough to go with those flowy, patterned, and beautiful items you have. They would be absolutely adorable and functional for outdoor family pictures with a long maxi dress or skirt.

If you have been hesitant about purchasing these boots, I hope this blog post gave you a bit of inspiration to pull the trigger and invest in these boots. 

For more fun styling tips from Brooke, stay tuned to read our next blog post featuring these Karla High-Rise Denim Shorts.

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