Two Thumbs Up for this Hoodie Brand

Welcome back, Herd!  As promised, here's another lovely guest review from Brooke Mathis. 

But first, a short informational into from me to get us started. 
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With our storefront's location move from Decorah to Waukon last November, I chose to bring in this new-to-us hoodie brand. I found the Ampersand Avenue brand hanging under my roof- tucked neatly in my daughter's closet. My mom had gifted my 9-year-old a hoodie by this company over a year ago, and every time I do laundry, I am always incredibly impressed by how well it washes [and dries!] up.

It took a brief time for you to latch on to these sweatshirts' quality material and attractive western designs. We're mostly sold out, but there are a handful left of this brand that I marked down just minutes ago.  

Find the SALE styles of Ampersand Avenue Sweatshirts in our SALE BARN, HERE.

This morning I ordered nine more styles ranging from solid colors to more exotic trending western patterns. Several more colorways caught my eye; however, I missed the boat. I needed to call immediately after new releases were announced, but I was busy, and didn't. Therefore, several of my brand-new favorites had already sold out.

To make sure you get your favorite added to your closet, stay tuned to our website for new arrivals here!

Not only do I give Ampersand Avenue Sweatshirts TWO THUMBS UP, but so does my fashionista friend, Brooke Mathis. In particular, she wrote the following blog post about this Mason Half-zip Sweatshirt [Southwest Sunrise].

Two Thumbs Up for this Hoodie Brand

by Brooke Mathis


Here is the second pick that I had a lot of fun styling. Don't let the bright colors of this fun little hoodie pass you by. Everybody loves a good hoodie to wear, especially this time of year, so what is better than hitting the jackpot with a cute one too? I am wearing the small in this. I loved the ¼ zip and fitted style of this hoodie and its longer length. I really, really enjoyed the stretch and the thumbs holes. I mean, who doesn't love thumb holes? Am I right? But for real, this hoodie is made for all types of days. Days of raising your arms, you are covered by keeping those sleeves from creeping up by using those thumb holes. The length also makes it perfect for sitting in the saddle or bending over. We're busy; we don't have time for tugging and pulling our clothing back to where it's supposed to be. So let's see where we can take this hoodie….

Don't let the bright colors of this fun little hoodie pass you by.

Let's run errands! I first popped on a white fitted tee and paired this hoodie with a pair of black joggers, but you could definitely do leggings if that is more your route. I added a fun black sneaker (with a little leopard print). Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns sometimes; rules are made to be broken every once in a while. I next did a front tuck off to the side on this hoodie, as this fabric isn't too thick that it slides in nicely to the bottoms and stays put. This hoodie is a great way to add a little pizazz to your comfy bottoms while you are out and about trying to get alllll the things done.

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns sometimes; rules are made to be broken every once in a while.

Time for work! How I chose to wear this hoodie as a workday outfit was with a pair of dark wash jeans, with a clean solid way to balance out the Aztec print on top. I then chose a pair of off-white booties to finish this look off. 

Where should we go next? Sale barn? If so, there is no reason you have to wear boring clothes. Throw this hoodie on amongst those winter layers. The bright colors will be sure to still pop through and give you that boost of confidence you need to throw that number up. I added a solid copper wild rag with this outfit, a simple pair of jeans, a denim jacket, and Broker Leather's turquoise Corral Elvira boots. 

Dress this hoodie up, or dress it down. You really can't go wrong with it.

Please stay tuned for Brooke's next guest review of this Kandi Aztec Kimono Cardigan Sweater.


  • Betty Christianson

    I have mine!🤣🤣🤣🤣, Love it!! I have a birthday Sunday…I will be in!!

  • Linda Monroe

    How great it would be to be young and thin again! But I do love all of styles! Keep em coming!

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