Toss Into A Bag If You Need To Shed A Layer


Hey Herd, I'm back with a few more guest style tips!  You've definitely shown interest in these posts, so we're happy to keep them coming!

After reading the blog post by Brooke Mathis (posted below), all I can think is, "Dang, warmer weather has to be right around the corner!"

While I've been ogle-eyeing over dresses and sandals for the past several months, always trying to be ahead of the season with our inventory, I, unfortunately, recall [and have the picture below to prove it] an undesired snowstorm in April last year during Women's Weekend Out. Which means we still have several months of wishy-washy Mother Nature.

Broker Leather's Women's Weekend Out Models, April 2022

We are used to dressing for fickle weather here in Iowa. As our mothers always put it, "dress in layers." That thought was on my mind when I ordered both of these sweaters: the Bobbie Cream Knit Cardigan and the Kandi Aztec Kimono Cardigan. Fortunately, fashionista Brooke agreed with my picks and chose to feature the Kandi in her recent model sesh.

Enjoy Brooke's Next Blog Post and let her know which fit you'd wear!


Brianne Evelyn

"Toss Into A Bag If You Need To Shed A Layer"

by Brooke Mathis

This oversized Kandi Aztec Kimono Cardigan is the perfect weight to throw on and go. I love the neutral colors of the caramel and ivory to make it a very versatile piece. It's a great weight that will keep you warm enough without being too bulky or heavy.

As a casual but fun everyday piece, I paired it with a pair of skinny jeans. You really can't go wrong with denim color here. I chose a lighter denim for a more laid-back feel, but a darker denim would dress it up if you're feeling that instead. I then paired it with a graphic tee and the Myriah Genuine Cowhide Buckled Heels. These booties are a favorite of mine because they effortlessly add so much personality to an outfit, and the block heel makes them super easy to walk in. P.S. they are on sale too.



Meeting up with the family or even heading into a work meeting? Add a button-up underneath the cardigan! I chose white, but you could easily do denim or another neutral color. Once you've decided on that, pull the cardigan together like a robe, and add your belt of choice to secure it. I have on the Little Toy Guns Wide Leg Denim Jeans, but for a dressier look, you could add a pair of black jeans or dress pants to wear to that work event. Once I had that put together, I chose a caramel-colored boot, very similar to this pair, to tie it all together. Feel free to match your belt color to your shoes!


Who doesn't love being comfortable? For a day of travel, I chose to pair this cardigan with some shiny black leggings, a solid hooded sweatshirt, and some cozy shoes to soften this look up. It really is the perfect weight to keep you warm when transitioning in and out of the car, but easy enough to toss into a bag if you need to shed a layer.  

This Kandi Aztec Kimono Cardigan Sweater is the perfect weight to keep you warm when transitioning in and out of the car, but easy enough to toss into a bag if you need to shed a layer.  

Drop a comment below of your favorite look featuring this sweater, and also stick with us next week for Brooke's next guest review of this Tallahassee Hot Pink Velvet Turquoise Snap Top.

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  • Bobbi Kimball

    Love all three looks!!!! If I had to pick a favorite, you know it’s going to be the leggings and a hoodie 😂. Cuz comfort is my first, middle, and last name!!

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