So how do you wear statement boots?

Let's make a statement.

These Corky's Westbound Red Suede Fringed Booties will help you to do just that. So how do you wear statement boots? You can make it as big or as little of a statement as you want. To get started, anytime I have a colored boot or accessory, I pick out my top and bottoms first. Sticking with neutral-colored clothing items like black, tan, gray, white, or denim is ideal. This will help make your statement piece stand out. I then like to put on the boots and layer the outfit up from there. So I will decide if I want a jacket or cardigan, jewelry or hat next. Some days I like going all out and getting really colorful and accessorized, and other days I like to let the boots do the work themselves. So that's enough talking about the "rules." Let's get into the fun stuff of seeing it all put together and give you some visuals.

These booties may initially look like they can only be worn for a night out on the town, but I can assure you these can be worn casually as well. One example is with a t-shirt dress. I absolutely loved the colors of this Kaitlan Wild West Graphic Tee Dress. Since it's an ivory-colored shirt, that is our neutral base. I chose the red boots to wear with it to pull out the red colors of the tack on the horse. I kept things simple otherwise, only adding a small faux turquoise and Navajo pearl necklace.

A little more colorful option is what I did next. I found my straight-leg denim jeans and a black top to use as my base. I then put my boots on and started layering. I added the serape duster and a multicolor Navajo pearl necklace to finish it off. The boots are still making a statement, but the duster and necklace are just tying it all together to make it a cohesive look from top to bottom.


This next look is still casual and is transitioning us into Fall. I am a Summer girl through and through, but I know my Fall girls are here too. So to help you see how you can wear these boots all year is part of my job, so Fall style, here I come. I chose some washed gray denim jeans as my base, with a creamy-colored bodysuit. I put on the boots, added the olive jacket, and called it good. In my opinion, olive is also neutral, but green and red are opposite of each other on the color wheel, so that means they can go together :)


Alrighty, we're about to get dressier here, and this one is for my Winter gals. These booties are perfect for skinny jeans as they have just a high enough shaft that my tight ankle-fitting jeans slid right down into the boot, making it a seamless look. If your skinny jeans are a little looser around the ankle, I like to roll them into a cuff and have them sit above the boots, back to styling now. Why I chose my black skinny jeans for a more classy look, I wore a white sweater to add some texture to the outfit. This outfit would be perfect for Christmas pictures! Add a red hat or earrings to draw the eyes up. 


Lastly, I chose to style both a skirt and a dress to make sure I cover all of our bases. I kept the skirt pretty casual by adding a graphic tee with it. You could easily add a solid-colored satin top or a basic bodysuit to elevate the ensemble. I added gold jewelry to accessorize with, and then it was done. These boots really take your outfit up a notch without having to put too much effort into it. 


So overall, if you're looking at these boots, look at them as a transitional boots that can be worn throughout the year. Whether it's on a date for Valentine's Day with your hubby or if it's to your hometown band on the 4th of July, I promise you that they are sure to get their use!

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