Quality Over Quantity

I heard the phrase "quality over quantity" many times growing up. It was usually somewhere around my dad's "Half-ass effort is a half-ass result." phrase. There is something to be said about "Brand Name" products. Obviously they didn't half-ass anything, they are leading in their industries and they have created QUALITY. There seems to be a trend here.
{This is me and the Herd drinking whiskey and chatting with one of the founders of Corral Boot Company in their Denver, Colorado showroom. Meeting genuine people from authentic companies that make unique boots is something that makes my heart happy.}
When someone signs up to run in a marathon do they think to themselves, "I'm going to get new running shoes that cost $15 and they will last through my training miles and for the marathon." Now I think we can take a moment to giggle because let's face it, that is not how running shoes work. Go ahead, find the avid runner in your life and ask them what kind of running shoes they have. I would bet a dinner date that they cost more than $15 and have a quality logo on the heel. I would also bet that they have a list of reasons as to why they have the shoes they have, so go ahead and ask that, too.
 {In the effort of a good metaphor I used tennis shoes. Running isn't my jam. I only run from hungry bears, stomping bulls/spicy cows, and blazing fires. So if I'm moving that fast you should be too.}
We tend to expect different levels of quality from different things in our lives. I will be honest and say that I take the "cheap way out" sometimes. I buy the $0.99 water instead of the super cool island Fiji water. I get the generic acetaminophen instead of Tylenol. When I jet off to travel I most definitely don't fly first class. When it comes down to the bottom line in life we get what we pay for [it's that half-ass thing Dad used to talk about]. I will never be able to justify purchasing footwear from a company that I don't know anything about. The western boot companies that have products in my personal collection carry their own stories. The companies portray western values, pride in their products, and the ability to embrace individuality. Each pair of boots in my life has a story behind them, and I can tell you what kind of adventures each pair has been on. Some have seen more stirrups than others, some have danced at weddings, some have moved furniture, and at one point or another each pair as spent a night [or two] in the backseat of my car. 
{Quality Over Quantity & Quantity With Quality.}
Boots and leather goods are no exception to the "Quality over quantity" rule of thumb. It's okay to start small, save up some of those hard-earned pennies and pick a boot style that will last a lifetime. Just one pair can be life-changing. This is me telling you that one pair of well made, handcrafted, leather boots that fit YOUR feet will alter your life. Pick the pair that makes you feel like a million bucks, the pair that makes you feel like you could do literally anything. Spending a little more money means a little more life, a lot more money means a lot more life. 
{Meet the GiGi boots, they're the first pair of boots I purchased from Broker Leather almost three years ago. These are my most trusted kicks, they have spurred me to 90 many times and keep asking for a re-ride.}
I love having boots and shoes that are fashionable and durable at the same time. I never have to worry about what we are going to get into when I go out with my girl gang. Sometimes we get into some sticky situations and when we wear our boots we know that our kicks will carry us through thick and thin. When I asked the Sour Patch Kids [gang, gang] what their favorite thing about wearing high-quality boots is they said: "Comfort. Hands down." and "I know that when I go out and get them dirty they're going to hold up. My boots have been through the wringer and still look good." and "I love that they are stylish, comfortable, and last!" 
{I got a little rowdy one night in these babes. Blackrock Leather n'  Rich saves lives and is the key to keeping my boots looking NEW even after they have been through hell and high water. Que: "Photos or it didn't happen."}
Watching people light up when they talk about their boots and the memories they have made in them is what keeps me so passionate about high-quality western wear. I can't wait to hear all about your new boot goofin'.
Much love.
xoxo, Marley


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