Pick of the Pasture: Bourbon & Blush Boutique

"There's no how-to road map to style.  It's all about self-expression and, above all, attitude." -Iris Apfel

I am the furthest thing from a fashion icon; however, I am not afraid to wear things that aren't trending or popular.  I am fully confident with wearing whatever the heck I like, whenever I want.  So I guess with that confidence, sometimes my friends are "impressed" with my style and they ask me where I shop.  

At the request of my best friend, Chelsea, who is headed to Arlington, Texas to attend The American Rodeo in March, I put together a list of my favorite online western boutiques.  My list is written in no particular order; most of the boutiques I included I've actually ordered from and had a good experience.  There are a handful of others included that I've just swooned over and haven't actually pulled the trigger nor swiped my card.

Since I spent several hours compiling this list by scouring my receipts folder in my e-mail, my bookmarks on Chrome, and my follows on Facebook & Instagram, I thought I might as well share it with you, too.

Which brings me to the "PICK OF THE PASTURE" blog post.  Each month I'll shine a spotlight on another small business that I'd love to share with you. 

This week's "PICK OF THE PASTURE" is 

Bourbon & Blush Boutique.

I am proud to say that I've been one of the OG Bourbon & Blush customers. One of the two owners, Lindsay, has been doing my hair for several years, so I've had the opportunity to hear all about the boutique before they officially opened up. 

Bourbon & Blush boutique is a small-town boutique located just down the road from us [in country miles], in Cresco, Iowa.  Bourbon & Blush lives for the small-town girl with a country and western flare. 

Owners and sisters, Lindsay and Savannah, work together beautifully to provide a nice mix of functional, yet trending pieces that can be put together creating multiple different outfits.

Lindsay & Savannah started as salon owners in their cute, modern, ship-lapped shed on Lindsay's farm.  Eventually they added the boutique in their salon, and followed with their online store, https://bourbonblushboutique.com/.  

Bourbon & Blush was started for many reasons, one important one was to, "give other women courage and hope in the act of trying to follow their dreams."  Lindsay found a new love for trendier clothing after having four children.  In addition to being a role model, she is also business savvy, identifying the opportunity to "provide another form of income for her and her sister outside of standing behind the chair each and everyday."

While Lindsay does the majority of the back end work, chances are you'll see Savannah's face when you look up Bourbon & Blush on Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and their website.  As Lindsay said, "Savannah has the beauty and photo talents to shoot all of our products." 

If you haven't already, please give these two passionate women a kind "follow" on their social media channels and let them know you're proud for the risks they are taking. Because I sure am.  Oh, and tell them I sent you! ;)
Bourbon & Blush's Info:

To find some boots to go along with your new Bourbon & Blush Clothes, shop here!

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