Our Successful Fight.

WOW! You Knocked it Out of the Park with Your Support for Breast Cancer Prevention and Patients!

Thanks to YOU, Broker Leather was able to donate a whopping $610.28 to the Winneshiek County Celebration of Life (WCCOL)! That amount represents 20% of sales on October 25 and 26 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On November 1, WCCOL Board members Margaret Walter and Danielle Bakewell visited Broker Leather to collect the proceeds from our sales event and they were BLOWN AWAY by your generosity. I know that many of you saved items that you’ve been wanting to purchase so you could make a difference with your purchase on one of those days. Margaret and Danielle and all those associated with WCCOL have asked me to share their thanks with you.

In case you don’t know, WCCOL was founded in 1998, and raises awareness and shines light on the importance of breast cancer prevention by providing funding to uninsured and underinsured women and men for mammograms. Through their “Fuel the Fight” and “Food for the Fight” programs, the group also provides fuel and grocery grants to individuals who are in treatment for breast cancer. The organization is run entirely by volunteers and WCCOL makes a huge difference in our community and throughout Winneshiek County.

Maybe you remember the story of my friend Tracy? I wrote about Tracy in a blog post on October 13. When I first heard about Tracy's diagnosis, I didn't exactly know how I could help or support her in her journey. Until Tracy, I had not had a family member or friend diagnosed with breast cancer. Tracy gave me insight into how she stayed positive and forward-thinking during such a difficult time.

The beautiful thing about me sharing Tracy's Breast Cancer story, was that many more strong women reached out to me to share their stories. In our conversations, I asked each of these brave women, "What is one thing that was really memorable for you? Something that somebody did to help you or something that somebody said that made you know you could fight the battle?"

I heard some incredible stories which I shared in this blog post on October 25 in hopes that you, my fabulous customers and friends, might be prepared to help a family member or friend who has to face the challenge of breast cancer and to invite you to shop to support WCCOL. Again, THANK YOU so much for answering this invitation and for your generosity. TOGETHER, WE MADE A DIFFERENCE! 

XOXO, Brianne 


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  • Cindy Rilling

    Thanks for donating to this amazing cause ❤.

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