New Year, New You with Taylor Donahue

Have you already failed at your New Year's Resolution to take better care of yourself?

If so, please join us in-store on

Monday, January 9, 2023, from 4-7 pm

for our event:

New Year, New You with Taylor Donahue

[Click her name above to go to Taylor's Facebook Page for more info.]

Taylor and I go way back to elementary school bus-riding days.  I've known and trusted Taylor and her family for decades.  So when she started sharing information about Arbonne, and I quietly watched her become less and less timid, and come out of her shell, I knew I had to reconnect with her.

I expressed interest to Taylor over Facebook Messenger, and within hours she was cheerily dropping off a sample of Arbonne's EnergyFizz for me.

I asked her, "What's your story?  How do you look so great?"

On Monday, January 9, 2023, from 4-7 pm, Taylor will be here at Broker Leather to share her story in-person without a nagging sales pitch.  We'll provide beverages and some free Arbonne samples ;)


Taylor's story for those of you who can't make the event:

"At the end of 2021, I was overweight, awful skin, zero energy to do anything but sit at my computer and work; let alone play with my 3 wonderful kiddos.

In walks Arbonne and all their amazing products from skincare and body care to nutritional supplements for everything. I got hooked on the EnergyFizz drink mixes from day one and I have not looked back!

I participated in my first round of 30 days to Healthy Living last January and in my first 30 days I was down 12 lbs., my skin was clearing up and I had SOOOO much energy it was unreal! I continue to live by the guidelines but altered them to my way of living and it made it so easy to incorporate it into my family’s life!

As I continued the clean eating, watching the ingredients in all the food, skin care products and everything we use at home daily we have just been getting healthier and stronger each day. I have managed to lose 30 lbs. and KEEP IT OFF for a year now.

The biggest thing Arbonne has done for me is open my eyes to the ingredients in EVERYTHING. Arbonne strives to have the best, cleanest and healthiest ingredients. ZERO carcinogenic, toxic or plain ol nasty ingredients in any of their products, even makeup! I also love that Arbonne is a B corp so they give back just as my as they take from the planet and strive to do better for her. Since Arbonne has changed my life so much, I want to share my knowledge of what I have learned with everyone and help as many people as possible get healthy and reach their goals!"

It took me a few days to try my free sample, but here we are, months later, I'm still drinking my EnergyFizz from Taylor every morning on my drive to work.

Do you know what the best part of this relationship is? 

Taylor didn't stalk me and hound me constantly, nagging me to order her product.   I liked that I could ask her any questions because she kept in touch with me without the awkward pressure.

On Monday, January 9, 2023, from 4-7 pm, Taylor will be here at Broker Leather to share her story in-person without a nagging sales pitch.  We'll provide beverages and some free samples ;)

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