Not Here To Sell A Thing [Maybe Just An Idea]

I think it's about time that I do something that I said I always would” was my original TikTok caption when I ordered our Kidd G concert tickets back in May.  

Obviously, the lyrics, "I think it's about time that I do something that I said I always would," from Kidd G's Break Up Song have an entirely different meaning within the ditty. Still, I took them out of context and used Kidd's line as my way of saying, "I bribed my kids with concert tickets for over a year, then I finally ordered the dang things." Never in my Blood, Sweat, and Beers did I think we'd end up backstage with the Teenage Dream.

[Italicized words within text are song titles by Kidd G and Hayden Coffman.]

Backstage Kidd G Concert Image Courtesy of Marco - @world_photography60

Once I ordered the tickets, I figured I should Give a Country Boy A Call.  I invited Madison, a friend of mine, and her son, McKray, because I knew he was a huge Kidd G fan, too. She ordered their tickets right away and left the rest to me.

I know you won't be surprised when I say this affair, Paysen & Ryggen's first concert experience- didn't come without Lessons Learned. If I were a better planner, I would have realized my major error sooner. May 3rd, I ordered the tickets, and this past Saturday, August 12th, was the big day. 

The day before the concert, last Friday, I was being proactive by printing off our hotel reservations and our concert tickets. Even though Paysen & Ryggen are only 9 and 6, they were concerned about whether we would be able to check into our hotel room to "freshen up" after our 3+ hour drive. So, I was at my desk searching for check-in time. Needless to say, I couldn't manage my heart; all I could think was Imma Ball when I realized I accidentally booked the hotel room for May 3rd and not August 12th.  

@brokerleather Tomorrow is the day to blow these girls’ minds with their first big show! @Kidd G #chordsinthecorn #kiddgconcert #biggestfans #humboldtspeedway #idontwannadoshittoday ♬ I Don't Wanna - Kidd G

Who knows if it was operator error or technical difficulty, but I must give a shoutout to the sweet gal answering the phone at the AmericInn in Humboldt who was so understanding as I choked back tears while requesting a refund for the May 3rd charges since we obviously didn't stay that night. Unfortunately, the hotel was booked for our concert night. Although we weren't exactly 1000 Miles From Georgia, we were forced to travel the Dirt Road 163 miles after the Last Call around midnight.

[[[This is coming as an afterthought: but I really should have folded this folio up into a Paper Heart and threw it out the window on our 3 am drive back home after the concert.  Karma did show her pretty face though, and helped us all get back into our beds safely after such a late night.]]]

Paysen, Ryggen, McKray, and Greyson patiently waiting ~3 hours for the music to start.

After this online-hotel-booking incident, my distaining frequent thoughts about technology, "Love Isn't Real," hadn't Left Me once we arrived to the venue. Due to technical difficulties, we waited another 3 hours for the music to start.  THANK GOODNESS the Tables Turned and the entire show was 100% worth the time and money.

It was mind-blowing to have a stranger come up to us in the audience at Chords In The Corn at the Humboldt County Dragway to tell us she recognized Pay & Ryg from this Tiktok.  

I have to believe all of the attention we received at the music festival was because we weren't dressed as Ordinary Girls.  We received countless compliments on our matching tees that Nana Julie Huiskamp created for us based on our personal favorite Kidd G music lyrics [out of context again, of course]. 

Ryggen wore “Meet up at the Dairy Queen, Summer in a Small Town” from Summer in a Small Town.

Paysen wore, “I’ve got a crazy side, I get it from my Mama” adapted from song, Unknown Numbers.

McKray & Greyson wore “Slim Fits on my New Boots Make my Feet Hurt” from song, Last October.

Madison wore “I Don’t Wanna do Shit Today” from song, I Don’t Wanna.

Brianne wore “Hold up, Lemme Grab my Saddle” from song, Sunshine.

Once the music started, we enjoyed snacks, took many trips to the porta potties, and had our pictures taken by event staff numerous times.  [I've been watching for these pictures like a hawk!]  At one point, early in the show, McKray noticed a golf cart full of dudes driving along the edge of the corn field.  Shouting something like, "Where Are You Goin", he took off running after them once he realized it was Kidd G, Hayden Coffman, Tank Anthony, and a videographer.  Watch it unfold on my Tiktok here. 

@brokerleather Worth the 3-hour delay: Rushing Kidd G like a bunch of little bulls. 🤣🎶🎤🫶🎸 @Kidd G #chordsinthecorn #kiddg #kiddgconcert #brokerleather ♬ original sound - Kidd G

Throughout the night, Little Miss Personality, Ryggen Embrie, stole the hearts of many of the crowd AND the performers.  Also posting a huge THANK YOU here to the super sweet grandparents in the crowd with the broken chair who gifted us their VIP tickets. 

Once we made our way up to the VIP section, the rest of the night seems like a blur.  I wasn't doing any Wishful Drinkin', but I will say us moms were just as caught up in the excitement of being so close to fame as the kids were!

Before the Lights Off, McKray and Ryggen had made a couple of new best friends while Burnin Out on that that front row rail.  These guys, @tankanthonymusic  and @haydencoffmanmusic, were not only talented musicians, but they were also great at involving the crowd and getting everyone ready for the next set.  Tank & Hayden both helped us get backstage [and another that I haven’t been able to figure out who he is!] so show them some love and remember, when they get really famous, you heard them from Pay & Ryg. ;)

If you're still reading about our adventure, please know I'm posting this Letter for two reasons.  I'm Not Here To Sell A Thing [Maybe Just An Idea.]

1.)  To motivate you to BUY THE EXPERIENCE instead of the toy.   I Don't Wanna raise kids that think objects are the symbol of love.  My husband, Payne, and I try to be very firm every birthday and holiday that our girls do NOT NEED another dang toy to sit in a box in their bedrooms.  Every year we try to get better to gift "presents" of making special memories with our children instead of mindlessly purchasing objects.  I can guarantee you my kids will remember this for the rest of their lives.  Just look at Ryggen's smile!

@brokerleather No toy could compare to this experience. 🫶💃🎶🎤👏🏼🎸 @Kidd G @Tank Anthony #concerttickets #takethekids #makinmemories #noordinarygirl #kiddgconcert #brokerleather #musicalwayswins ♬ Ordinary Girl - Kidd G

2.) To encourage you to check these songs out – we know you’ll love them, too!  I’m shocked at how many people hadn’t heard of Kidd G yet, and our best explanation to everyone so far has been, “He’s the next Morgan Wallen.  Just listen and watch.”  As far as I'm concerned, having People Talk about my business has been my best investment for advertising, so I'm doing just that.  I Hope this Letter will make the hour of these great performers who made our whole summer.

Don’t tell the girls yet- but I’ve already started searching for tickets for our next concert outing.  Drop a comment and let me know what artist you suggest we go see next!

[Italicized words within text are song titles by Kidd G and Hayden Coffman.]

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