Inspired by Secretariat

Ariat: Have you wondered how to pronounce it?

I'll admit- before I learned the history behind the brand, I struggled to know how to pronounce "Ariat" correctly.


After hearing the brand's inspirational story from my dear friend, Dakota Dawn Johnson, I learned that Beth Cross, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Ariat, named the brand after the legendary racehorse, Secretariat.

Ariat is one of our top brands here at Broker Leather.  Inspired by Secretariat's big heart and competitive spirit, the "New Breed of Boot" was born in 1993.

Ariat is one of my favorite brand partners.  I've experienced Ariat's company values of integrity, teamwork, and respect firsthand.

I can personally relate to Ariat's extremely successful CEO & Co-Founder.

Beth Cross explains how she worked several different jobs, varying from a dental hygenist to a baker in her teens and twenties.  She talks about working her way up through her various job duties on the Season 2: Episode 29 Cowgirl Confession's Podcast.

Now, more than ever, I shop with REAL people/brands/companies who appreciate me as a small business owner.

The partnership between Broker Leather and Ariat Brand will grow exponentially in the coming years.  In the upcoming weeks, I will begin to add Ariat denim and apparel to our lineup. I hope you are HERE FOR the relationship building.  I am excited for you to believe in the brand you choose to wear.


A note from Brianne:

Covid Restrictions have begun to loosen up a little.  Inventory is still difficult to get, but please know that I can oftentimes special order different styles and sizes of Ariat that I don't "keep in stock" in my store.  So if you come across a different style somewhere else, please feel free to reach out to me.  I am happy to check availability for you if you'd like to keep your tax dollars local. ;)

Brianne Evelyn

To Shop our Current Ariat Collection, click Here.

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