Galentine's Online Scavenger Hunt & Giveaway

Quit Lookin' for Love in all the Wrong Places and join us here in our fun online scavenger hunt! 

💋  1 lucky participant will win a $100 Broker Leather gift card. 🎯
✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜

We promise, it's easy!  It's only a three step process that will take approx. 10 minutes!

Why a scavenger hunt, you ask?  We'd love for you to scavenge your closets  and put together your date night outfit ahead of time!  Be confident in the look you choose and thank us later when you're prepared to hit up that candle lit dinner with your man, or take on the town with your Galentine's with much less stress!  By participating in our giveaway, you'll be sharing your love with us and as many other small businesses as you'd like without spending another dollar!

You in?  I'm in.  Good.

Step 1-  Gather each of these items from your home closet:
✜ Something Denim
✜ Something Pretty
✜ Something Lacey
✜ Something Red/Pink
✜ Something Gold/Silver
✜ & Your Favorite Purchase from Broker Leather
Step 2-  Take a flat lay picture of the items you gathered as an outfit, like Brianne's example here:
 Broker Leather Scavenger Hunt Flat Lay
Step 3-  Post your flat lay picture and tag us [and others small businesses that you purchased this outfit from!] in your Instagram & Facebook Stories, or a Tik Tok, whichever is your favorite!  Once you've tagged us and we've seen it- you're entered!  If you question whether we've seen it or not, send us a DM!
Again, by doing this you are share the love by easily promoting several small businesses without spending another dollar!  We are all going to be head over heels for you when you do this! [BONUS POINTS if your outfit includes both Broker Leather & Gracie's Boutique!]
HOW TO WIN- On Thursday, February 17th, we will randomly choose one of our scavenger hunt participants to win our grand prize of a $100 gift card. We'll announce the winner on a Facebook Live & on our socials!
✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜  ✜

🥂❤️ IF YOU ARE LOCAL- don't forget we will have complimentary drinks & treats in-store on Saturday, Feb. 12th! You know we're always ready for a party with new markdowns and giveaways! ❤️🍾

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