For when you’re not sure how everyone else is dressing...

I'm back and ready to share some more styling tips for you!  Here is how I suggest to style this distressed/burnout graphic tee in 3 ways.

For reference, I am 5’2” and was wearing the size small. I would say this tee is more of a boxy fit versus a fitted-style tee. It has plenty of room, so if you are between sizes, you could try sizing down. 

  1. For when we like to keep things western. Graphic tees are perfect for whatever you’re about to get yourself into for the day. I threw on a pair of distressed straight-leg jeans and a patterned long-sleeve tee, and put the graphic tee on over the top. I left the tee as is for this look, but you could definitely do a front tuck into your jeans if that is more of your style. I put on the Ariat Dixon Chimayo Ankle Boot in Fiery Tan. This tee happened to match the Aztec print of these boots, making them the perfect little duo. The STS Flaxen Roan Bentley Wallet or the matching tote bag is the perfect accessory. I loved the gold shimmer of the bag or wallet because it complimented the tan color of the tee. 

  1. For keeping things comfy. Whether you are chasing kids around the house or chauffeuring them around the county to all the events or parks this summer, this tee will join you for fun. I think we all sometimes want to look cute but prefer to be comfortable, and that’s where the graphic tees are making the best of both worlds. A fun print, but still, that classic t-shirt fit makes it such a versatile piece. I threw on some biker shorts and the tee. Then I grabbed a button-up to tie around my waist and a pair of shoes, and this outfit was done. Once again, grab that tote bag to help carry snacks, diapers/wipes, and whatever else your littles may decide that they need to bring with them that day. 


  1. For when you’re not sure how everyone else is dressing. Can anyone else relate to this, or is it just me? There are times when I’ve felt that I want to be dressy but not overdressed, if that makes sense? Graphic tees are super on trend right now and the perfect solution for this dilemma. One of the most common ways I see them dressed up is paired over top of a dress or tucked in with a skirt. There are several ways to do this, but here are a couple of quick ones. You can tie a knot like I did or wear a belt above your waist under your shirt and tuck your tee up into it. Lastly, add a bootie, a sneaker, or a heel, and out the door, you go. 

The graphic tee is definitely the new MVP of your closet. With all the different styles and variations of the tees, you really can’t go wrong with one. 

Next up I'll be writing about the Dayton Black Studded Long-Sleeved Top.  I haven't given any tips for it yet and it's already half sold out.  See you soon, ~Brooke


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