Crushing Doubts Together: A Healthy Balance Between Business & Family

I don't know about you, but I've been extra emotional lately.  Combine the crisis in Afghanistan, the change of seasons, the start of the school year, and a slow down in sales in my business and I'm ready to tear up at the drop of a hat.

Because of these extra hormones, I've been posting more dramatic and personal content on my business Facebook & Instagram pages.  It may not be the most professional thing, but 

Last week on the "stories" feature, I poured out my heart and soul after several of you shared your "DOUBTS" with me via this sticker box [as shown on the picture below].  I spent a lot of time fighting to put together the right thoughts and words through my uneasiness.  Since stories only last for 24 hours, I figured at least one person may have missed these.

Some of my answers got really long-winded, so I'll be sharing these over the next few weeks.  Your responses and doubts were mostly categorized into body image/health & wellness doubts, operating a successful small business doubts, and then balancing business & family doubts.

The first response I had to my question about "doubts" was from a friend on Instagram who said, "I doubt I can keep a healthy balance between my business and family."  

My reply was, "I struggle with this EVERY DAY."  Is there such a thing as "balance?"  I personally feel like I'm off kilter the second I give my attention to either or, business or family.  I once heard the most successful people do not multi-task.  But this is real life, and I'm no Bill Gates, so here are a few things I'm working on to attempt to be a little more closer to center:

  • "I try to involve my kids when I must work from home or bring them to the store.  It's not always pretty- but I sincerely hope my customers understand when my 4-year-old answers their phone call or when there's marker stick figures on their Thank You notes.  IYKYK I often have to remind these girls to "quit being awkward and if you're going to stand behind my counter you must say hello nicely."

  • "As a family, we discuss why I work so much, and why we expect the girls to take their homework seriously, just like dad and I do.  When I must work from home and they can't be involved, I try to give them a clear timeline of how much time I need and why this particular task is important.  This keeps me accountable and in check because I used to stay up until 3 a every night of the week.  Being overtired and crabby at your family is the opposite of balance, by the way."

  • "Alone time and date nights are an absolute must for my sanity.  Without sanity you'll never get near balance.  So quit feeling guilty about hiring a babysitter or drinking one too many at your best friend's birthday party.  Do these things in moderation and give yourself grace.  Life is too short for "should have/would haves."  If you make a mistake just try to be better tomorrow.  It's not rocket science.  Nobody expects you to be PERFECT."

Your next response in the balancing a business & family category said, "I doubt I will ever get the laundry caught up."  

By the time I wrote the response to this one it was maybe midnight and I was feeling a little delirious.  Earlier in the night the girls and I snapped this selfie to send to their daddy since he was away for work that evening.  Because I was already on a roll babbling, but now a little more tired, this reply got a little silly:

  • "Let's set some realistic goals here, bud.  Laundry is not realistic.  It's a never-ending prank in this thing called life.

  • "Mom, I'm sorry for changing my clothes three times every morning before school, immediately following school, and before bedtime.  I'll never be that reckless again."

Days later, I still feel the same way about laundry though.  It makes me crazy when my girls change their clothes repeatedly, leaving me with an entire load of "clean" clothes to wash and fold all over again.  Is it too cliché to say, "Don't sweat the small stuff?"  Oh, and also, both of my girls, ages 7 & 4 are responsible for putting away all of their own laundry.  I'm a firm believer in giving every family member chores to help momma out. 

In closing of this post, thank you friends, for following me on Facebook & Instagram and for interacting with my page.  I won't ever claim to be an expert, but I am always here cheering you on and ready to remind you who the hell you are. 

Stay tuned for additional blog posts and

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