Comin’ in Hot [In P!nk!]

Hey Herd, we're Comin' into February Hot with a versatile velvet top that (gasp) is not even close to my signature turquoise/green color wheel. I'm the furthest thing from "A Romantic," so I'm even more relieved than ever that my doppelganger is here to share all her secrets of styling this lovely piece.

These Kaitlyn Pink Cactus Earrings accurately represent that I'm more prickly than sweet!

Also, I can't ignore this opportunity to wish this charming, well-dressed woman a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Let's read the birthday girl's proposal and let her know which look you'd be willing to pull off!  [Make sure to check out the very bottom of this blog post to get in on on a discount in celebration of Brooke's Birthday!]


Brianne Evelyn

Comin’ in Hot

by Brooke Mathis

Oooooookay, that is all I can say about this top. I LOVE the vibrant pink color of the Tallahassee Hot Pink Velvet Turquoise Snap Top. I am not typically a pink girl, but this one had caught my eye right when I walked in the door. This velvet top comes in a pretty olive and silver color, too, if pink isn't quite your color.  (Oops, the olive sold out before I got this posted.  As you can see by the limited size availability in these styles, these have been great selling tops!)


I am wearing the small in this top and am 5'2". I would say it has a very relaxed fit with good stretch, but I wouldn't say it is oversized. It's got a little bit of weight, with it being velvet material, so it's a great layering piece this time of year.  One of my favorite features of this top is the fact that it doesn't wrinkle.  The length on this top is just long enough to wear with leggings, tie in a knot, or tuck into your pants. 

With Valentines Day coming up, this is a great top to add that pop of pink to your classic workday look. I love it with a pair of jeans and boots for a simple ensemble. Feel free to add some turquoise accessories to go along with the snap buttons if you'd like. I mean, the more turquoise, the merrier. I unsnapped the bottom buttons to be able to tie the shirt in a knot. High-waisted jeans are perfect if you're planning to do this. I went for my tried and true tall brown boots to wear with this outfit. 


Now, hang with me on the next one. I got a little wild and crazy, but hey, I was born that way. Literally, I was. A little fun fact; my maiden name is Wild. 

With this fun of a top, I felt driven to pair it with just as fun of a bottom. I think these checkered print flares were the perfect addition. Now, feel free to disagree; I totally get it; it's not for everyone. But if you're trying to decide, ask yourself. What would Lainey Wilson do? Wear this to one of her concerts, and I bet you'll fit right in. How about going to your local Trivia or Game Night? How about a bachelorette party? The black and white colors of the pants made it easy to style, but I do think this top could be worn with floral pants too. I threw on the Ariat Jolene Ankle Boots in Cash Black as my finishing touch. 

Lastly, let's think of warmer weather. Unbutton this top and throw it on over a dress like I did and some tall boots to get you through spring. Then once those temps rise, it would be great for summer nights. Got a beach vacation coming up? Don't forget to pack this in your carry-on. Pull it out for that chilly plane ride and throw it on without looking like you just left the tundra of the Midwest. Once you arrive at your destination, pair it with some shorts or use it as a cover-up on the boat or the beach. The turquoise buttons on it would accent your swimsuits or summer dresses for sure. What I would recommend for a shoe would be the Ariat Jolene Ankle Boot (Turkos), or snag the last pair of the Roper Edgar Buckled Leather Heel

Overall, I hope you all can enjoy this top as much as I do. It truly makes me smile looking at it, and I can't wait to wear it with all my Valentine's gear first!

Please stay tuned for Brooke's next guest review styling wild rags!

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