A Future So Bright.

During my childhood, I don't remember having that "thing" I really wanted to become.

Some girls dreamt of becoming nurses wearing a stethoscope proudly around their neck every single Halloween.  Other girls dreamt of growing up to be their greatest role model- their teacher.  I just wasn't passionate about that one specific thing.  

For most of my life I was undecided about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I do remember a short time of wanting to run my own bed and breakfast- funny now that Air BnB's are all the rage. Maybe I need to revisit that idea and diversify my portfolio.  Squirrel.

I  remember taking a test in high school to identify my strengths and weaknesses.  The test was supposed to help me choose a fitting career path.  If I remember correctly, it did the opposite.  The discouraging test said I didn't have the strengths that I thought "I should" for areas that I was interested in.

The only specific career suggestion I remember from that exercise was a lawyer.  [This is my considerate "No thank you" to big words and business suits. Can you imagine my sarcastic mouth in the courtroom?  Eek.]  I always thought I'd earn a 4-year degree; afterall, I didn't exactly struggle in school. I was just an average student. 

Even though I received a nice scholarship to attend a top-rated business school at UNC at Greely, Colorado, after high school, I didn't go.  Instead I attended our local community college for 2 years to study general business.  It seemed so crazy to me move 13 hours away without clear direction in what I was doing it for.

After just a few days of my third year of college, I dropped out.  At the time my heart wasn't in it. I still didn't know what I wanted to be.  I couldn't fathom spending the money on courses that I wouldn't "get anything" from.  For years I felt like a failure.  All of my friends have fancy plaques on their walls showing off their academic achievements, but what did I have [besides less debt?] 

I am writing this to reassure you that traditional college is not for everyone. 

I am living proof.  You don't have to do what your friends do to become successful.  Like me, I'm here to tell you that you can succeed.  I am not suggesting that you drop out of college today.  What I am saying is: I truly believe that if you have the work ethic, the dedication, the grit, and the passion, you can succeed at whatever you choose to do.

Now that I am a small business owner with a huge passion for success, I continue to learn every single day. 

Part of my vision statement reads, "We will make a profit and generate cash to satisfy the owner's needs while providing a rewarding, family-oriented work environment with fair compensation for our employee/s and a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for our customers."

In order to accomplish this, investing in myself and bettering myself is the most important goal.  Podcasts and Youtube University are my current favorite go-to's for training information, but I also encourage you to research additional means of knowledge to aid in turning your dream into a career.  

Following your dream and finding reward in your daily work is key. 

I would love to hear from you if you are struggling with taking the next steps towards your future, your education, and your career. I'm no expert, but I'm willing to listen... and I know people in all industries that I'd be willing to hook you up with. ;)

Brianne Evelyn

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  • Emily McCormick

    ME to a T. Left Cornell College and a basketball career that I loved to move back home to be with my family after my brother had passed away. I made it only one semester, was struggling to stay healthy and just needed home. I started there going after a Kinesiology degree which I should have known that was not for me, I did not do well in Biology so this wasn’t going to go smoothly. I struggled with my classes from day one. After I moved back home I immediately enrolled at NICC in Calmar and received an Accounting degree in two years and also began my career with Bodensteiner Implement working part time in Elkader for 6 months (while attending classes) before moving to Clermont full time in January of 2011 where I am still today. I was able to continue my education while working full time. I also coached middle school basketball for 8 season to help fill the void of not playing. I look back and wish I would have toughed it out and played basketball, I miss it so much but I am also grateful for the career I have and the fact I am not thousands of dollars in student loan debt. God has a funny way of putting us down the paths we take, whether we like it or not :)

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