8 Wild Rag Styling Techniques

You asked, we answered.  Here are 8 techniques for you to use while styling your favorite wild rags!

by Brooke Mathis

Have you had your eye on a wild rag but have yet to pull the trigger on buying it?

I want to help you feel confident wearing a wild rag to suit your life and style best.

I have rounded up several outfit ideas using various styling techniques of wild rags. Some wild rags are 36x36 inches, and some are 24x24 inches. The best thing to remember when styling your wild rag is that it is more than a scarf; it is your new favorite accessory. 

So let's get started!

I HATE my neck being cold! I bet I'm not the only one who feels this way, either. So let's solve that problem.

As most of us have probably seen, a wild rag is great for keeping your neck nice and warm in the winter months. You simply fold it in half, pull it up to your neck so that it's into the shape of a V. Then pull it behind your neck and wrap it back around to the front while pulling it to your tightness preference, and then finish with tying a knot in the front. This is a great way to wear almost any size of wild rag. A bigger wild rag will create a fuller look. This works when being paired with any kind of coat or sweatshirt because it can be tucked down into the collar or inside of your coat without being too bulky. 


And then there is always another problem because nothing is ever just sunshine and roses, is it? Don't like the neckline of your shirt? Can't find a necklace that lays right? Just plain old, don't have enough time to think about all of the above, or just don't care? Let's use our wild rag as those accessories!

If you have a smaller rag (24 inches or smaller) like in the photo below, I like to just fold it in half, pull it up to my neck in the same V shape, and just tie a knot in the back. I love wearing it this way when I can't find a necklace that I like with a shirt. I just add the scarf and call it good. In this case, I wanted to show you how I actually wore both. I first put on the long bolo-style necklace and then added the scarf overtop to add some dimension for a layered look. This is something I just saw over the summer, and I couldn't wait to try it out. 


Speaking of Summer, let's find out how to wear one then. In this photo, I chose to wear it on my head. This is great for when you're on a boat or bike, and your hair has been whipped all over, and you need to cover it up when you're ready to grab some food at one of your pit stops along the way. Some other ways to wear it in your hair would be to tie it into your ponytail holder to make it into a beautiful long hair piece. You could also roll it up and tie it around your hair as a headband. Also, feel free to add a wild rag to the outside of your purse during the summer or around your waist as a sarong over your swimsuit bottoms.


Now here are a few more looks that we may not always think about doing but are so good to keep handy in our back pockets.

Toss it over both shoulders for a business look or even a coastal vibe in the spring/summer months while wearing it with your favorite top and a pair of shorts. I loved it with a button-up and really think this added so much to this look. I didn't have to think about which style of necklace would look best and then what earrings to go with it.

No, let's remove a shoulder from our scarf and turn it to the side for a bit of a casual look. I would recommend at least a 36x36-inch scarf for this. This is one of those "the bigger, the better" cases. 


With the jumpsuit, I rolled this smaller 24x24-inch scarf up and tied it around my neck. This is another very quick and common way to wear your wild rags. 


This one may be the easiest one yet.

I folded this 36x36 inch scarf up and simply draped it around my neck and then slipped a belt and a jacket over the top to finish the look. I think this might have been my favorite look. I really surprised myself with this one :) 


Let me know if you have any more ways of wearing your wild rags. We'd love to see all the different styles that you have!

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