3 Outfits to Rock the Holey Tabitha Jeans

The Tabitha Cropped & Distressed Straight Leg Jeans are a perfect pair to help bring your summer looks into fall.

The rich color of the jeans makes them easy to wear with both black and brown tones.

The holes simply add some texture and dimension. The fit of these jeans is true to size but does have a good amount of stretch. Since I am shorter in height, these jeans do look ankle length on me, but they are definitely cropped jeans if you are average height or taller. 


For some outfit inspiration, let’s get started with an easy grab-and-go look. With these jeans, I paired them with a vintage-looking graphic tee. I tucked the tee into the front of the jeans just a bit to give me some shape. I grabbed my Liberty Black Mezcilla Indigo Denim Boots to add some color to the bottom of my outfit. These boots also helped pull out the blue colors in the graphic tee. I layered up a couple of different silver and turquoise-inspired necklaces and then added a fringe leather purse. This outfit has lots of textures and details going on throughout the look to keep the eyes going from head to toe.


For a slightly dressier look with a “less is more” feel, I chose a basic light gray sweater and my Liberty Black Rebel Ankle Boots. As a bonus tip, the color of these jeans is classic enough that they can go with your solid neutrals but also your earth tones, bright colors, or even patterns. I chose some silver and white buffalo-inspired earrings to pull it all together. Add a hat, a flannel tied around your waist, or a jacket overtop to add another level of interest. This is a very clean and simple outfit that can be taken anywhere. 


Throw on a structured blazer to add some sophistication to a pair of distressed denim. I absolutely loved this green-colored blazer I saw the owner of Triangle T Boutique wearing while we were in Nashville a few months ago. So, I ordered it the next morning. The color of your blazer could depend on the type of occasion you have. I chose this one, because it is Summer and seemed fitting with this beautiful wild rag. A black blazer or a plaid-colored blazer would definitely elevate the look even more. I finished the look off with a pair of boots again, but you could grab a pair of sneakers, sandals, or a dainty ankle strap heel. 

Overall I love the amount of “drama” these jeans bring to an outfit, especially if you wear them to your next family gathering.

There’s almost always someone who likes to crack a joke about holey jeans. 

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