2022 Western Trends


Break the barrier and get started building your wardrobe with these WESTERN TRENDS OF 2022.

Have you gotten your Spring wardrobe ready yet?  Yesterday I helped one of my best friends pack for her upcoming vacation to Fort Worth, so as we chatted, I shared these 2022 Western Trends with her. 

I dug my tote of tank tops out of my basement storage room so now that I've broken the barrier, I'm more than ready for these 5 fun western trends, country concerts and rodeo season! 


Although traditional boots may be our favorites to chase cans in, we've seen a huge demand for more heat-friendly western-looking heels and wedges.  Our entire collection of these beauties hasn't quite arrived yet, but the ones that we do have ready to mark out are pure gold.



If you've spent any amount of time here, you know that I am is obsessed with all things fringe.  Fringe bags, jackets, boots, and heels to pair with your favorite summer dresses is a trend I'll never let go of.  I'm glad to see that experts on the runway agree with me again this summer! 



I love bold colors, always have, always will.  If you followed any NFR influencer's stories this year, I can guarantee you saw lots of bold color.  From purple, green, and orange clothes, to bags, to hair- you'll surely see bold colors everywhere this year.  In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to add bold colors to your already curated closet is by investing in a couple of affordable, yet fashionable wild rags.



Anything and everything with tooled leather is on our best-selling report here at Broker Leather.  Opposite of a weekend warrior, we guarantee our top-quality genuine leather products will last longer than any other wild ride of a trend you climb on top of. Timeless and classic, you'll have all the cowboys doing a double-take trying to catch a peek.



Combine turquoise jewelry with Bold Colors and cover two trend categories with one for a 90+ ride.  We are proud of our collection of turquoise, some real and some faux, that appeals to any type of budget.  



Get to the fence in one or all of these favorite western trends of 2022.  When the compliments for your bravery and bold style start rolling in, you'll be so glad you did.  

P.S. Make sure to tag Broker Leather in all your social media pictures when you're trending on the town ;)  XOXO, Brianne

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