"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

Dr. Seuss said it best. "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

The Daphne Dusty Blue Metallic Mini Dress will do just that. The dress itself is very simple in its structure and design, while the iridescent color of the gold shimmer is what makes it stand out. What is super fun about it is it can be worn two ways. You can wear it as a dress, or as a tunic. It's up to you to decide! It can hit you anywhere from below the waist to above your knees. I am wearing the size small, and I am 5'2".


So the website/s pictures show how to wear it as is, as a dress. Now how do I wear it as a tunic, and why would I, you might be asking yourself? As I mentioned above, the length of the dress alone might not fit everyone's comfort level. So instead of passing it by, I tried something new. I first put on a pair of straight-leg jeans under the dress. I kept my jeans simple and non-distressed to help keep the dress the focal point of the outfit. I added a sheer floral kimono and some khaki-colored booties to compliment the colors in this dress. You could easily wear skinny jeans with this, and I would suggest wearing gold jewelry to play off the gold shimmer of the dress. By wearing the dress this way, you will feel confident and comfortable all day long, especially if you are going to be moving around a lot. 


For a night out in this dress, you can definitely just wear it as is, as a dress. I hear you plan on doing a lot of dancing and don't want to worry about what your dress is doing, though. To solve this problem, you can add a pair of close-fitting mid-length biker shorts that coordinate with your outfit. I chose black biker shorts to go with the black fringe jacket and boots. The handy part about the biker shorts is if you don't want them to show just hike them up under your dress just above the length of the skirt so that they are not visible. Then when you feel like you want them down, just pull them down to their full length, so they show a couple of inches below the skirt of the dress. You could easily swap out the tall cowboy boots for a pair of sneakers and the black jacket for a denim jacket to make it an easygoing outfit. This would be a great option for any type of shower, birthday party, BBQ, or a day out and about.


So whether you wear it as a dress or a tunic, I hope these two styling tips will help you now and in the future when it comes to feeling confident and cute in the clothing that you are wearing.  

Thanks for joining me again on the Broker Leather blog! ~Brooke

Stay tuned for our next blog post styling these *SALE* Corral I'm A Bird Snip Toe Boots.

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