What's in Brooke's Bag?

Hey Herd!  I've been keeping a secret from you.  It's an exciting one!  I wish I were one of those super hyped-up people on social media that could flail my arms around and jump up and down, shrieking, on a Live video to tell you this BIIIIIGGGG, exciting, brand new news. 

But I'm just not that person. 

This (see picture) is the peppiest you'll see me on camera. 

But I am genuinely excited to tell you that I have enlisted the help of my lookalike, Brooke Mathis, to write this blog post!  I've always admired Brooke's edgy-western style and I'm sincerely grateful to have her help around here!

To give Brooke a very warm welcome to Broker Leather, I'd like for you to all enjoy using discount code: BROOKESBAG to receive 20% off your entire order.  Shop Now because the code is only valid for 24 hours.

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I'd love for you to read what Brooke has to say and leave her an encouraging comment at the end!  I'll make sure she gets them!

What's in Brooke's Bag?

by Brooke Mathis

I feel like we’ve all seen a clothing item before and thought to ourselves, "It’s cute, but not for me." Or even asked yourself, "where would I wear it to"? That’s where I can come in. My name is Brooke Mathis. I am a Wife, Mother, Early Childhood teacher, and a girl who loves all things clothing. 


I would love to help explain and show you how you can wear these clothes to fit your lifestyle or plans for the day. These are clothing items hand-picked from Broker Leather that I took home and styled with what I already had from home. I mean, who doesn’t love that? But also, don’t get me wrong, a whole outfit is always a real treat, but sometimes it’s just not in the cards, and that’s okay!


So let’s get started. The first item I took home and styled was the Cry Pretty Wide Leg Denim Jean. These jeans are 100% cotton, so they do not have any stretch. I am 5'2" and wearing the size 1/25. The inseam on these jeans is 32", which was a little long for me, even with boots on.

Now to the fun stuff!

I styled these denim jeans three ways, paired with the Corral Elvira Turquoise Suede Ankle Boots. As you can see, these are very distressed with several holes. Even though there are holes in the jeans, I paired them with a simple black tank and layered over the top a sassy little blazer with some leopard cuffs and a matte gold necklace to soften them up and make them more business casual. 


Once you are off the clock and ready to join your hubby or some friends for supper, I suggest pairing them with a solid-colored top, a fun belt, and some booties for a very cute but casual night that can be taken in any direction.


Lastly, for all my graphic tee cowgals that are ready to meet up with friends, I enjoyed pairing these jeans with a rowdy little tee, layering a colored jacket on top of it to keep people talking, and then another fun belt to add some shine. Top it off with your favorite kind of hat, and you are ready for the night!

If I've convinced you yet that you need these jeans, feel free to stop in-store at Broker Leather to find them or by following this link to get your hands on them ASAP.  

A final note from Brianne: This is the first time Brooke has written a fashion/styled blog post, so I'd really love it if you'd share a comment with her!  Let us know which look is your favorite!

I am so excited to have Brooke doing this style feature for Broker Leather, I've created this one-time-only discount code: BROOKESBAG for you to receive 20% off your entire order.  Shop Now because the code is only valid for 24 hours.  [Sorry, this discount code cannot be applied retroactively.]

To shop more clothing options available at Broker Leather, click here.

Also stay tuned for Brooke's next review of our Mason Halfzip Sweatshirt [Southwest Sunrise.]


  • Linda Monroe

    Such a wonderful ideal ! Can’t wait to see more fun blogs !

  • Bobbi Jo

    Brooke makes these jeans look amazing with everything! I love the graphic tee look the best. Can’t wait to see alllll the things she will inspire me to wear and buy! 😍You were born for this Brooke!

  • Kate Sharp

    I’ve always love seeing Brooke’s style on social media! I’m so excited you have decided to add a stylist to your team!! Now I know where to look for ideas on what to wear. 🛍️

  • Rillie

    LOVE this blog post! I struggle putting outfits together and seeing the 3 different ways here has my mind going for the weekend! So excited to see what’s next.

  • Thea Pedretti

    Brooke is absolutely made for this position!! Her sense of fashion is just one of the many things that I love about her! I can’t even count how many times that I’ve sent her pictures of various clothing items to ask “What can I wear this with?” She ALWAYS has several ideas. I cannot wait to see more from you Brooke!!🤍

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