The most perfect jean there ever was: Cuffed Denim Styles.

As some of you know, I am so short and am constantly struggling to find jeans that fit me in the length.  [Editor's note: If you are average height, OR tall, please keep reading, too!] 

When I saw The Cello Lucille High Rise Dad Jeans, I knew I needed them and hoped other people would too.  I loved the look of the cuff on them, and since I was already doing this with my jeans, it saved me one extra step in the mornings when getting ready. With two littles in the house, these additional minutes in the morning really count. If you’re not into the big cuff on these jeans, they are not tacked, so the cuff is adjustable.

[See the Sarah, here for similar jeans in a dark wash.]


So let’s talk about the length. If you are average height or taller, don’t worry; these babies will still work for you! On me, there are pretty much floor length, but they look just as cute if you are taller [see the photograph below of Marley who is 5'10" wearing them.  She also bought them; she didn't just model them.  So she actually LIKED them, too.] The only difference is they will be more of a cropped or Capri length, depending on your height.

Styling a cropped jean can sometimes be tricky, but that is where I am here to help. I have had a pair or two that I’ve struggled with finding the right shoe for, so I totally understand this dilemma.

That is also why I love this pair so much since they are so versatile.

I paired this jean with a casual but fun short bootie in the first picture. I also feel confident wearing these jeans with flat sandals or sneakers. I like that the cuff of these jeans draws the attention to your feet, so pairing a fun shoe with them is a great way to show your new kicks off.

The next outfit was a little dressier, and I wore these jeans with a higher shaft boot. The taller shaft of this boot still fit underneath my jeans without getting caught on my jeans while I crossed my legs while sitting or walking around. Don’t forget to adjust the cuff higher or lower to accommodate your shoe height. This is something we don’t always think about.

The last way I styled these jeans was with a regular shaft cowboy boot. I just unrolled the jeans, and the boot fit underneath them as they would if I was to wear a pair of my Cowboy Cut Wranglers.

I can’t wait to see how you gals wear these jeans and the shoes you choose to pair with them!

Please stay tuned for Brooke's next guest review of these brand new beauties...

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