Stop the Social Media Nonsense.

Hey! I'm Karie. Brianne asked me to write a guest blog post of my choice, and I chose to tell you to "Stop the Social Media Nonsense." 

I helped out behind scenes off and on when Brianne was starting her dream of Broker Leather. It makes my heart so happy seeing all of her success. She has busted her a$$ and made sacrifices. Way before BL became a store and along the way. Her success didn't fall in her lap. 

Fun facts about me: I'm a momma to some sweet kids, I am a huge bookworm (Need suggestions? Hit me up.), Dave Ramsey is my dude, I have a huge heart & always see the positive side of situations, music is therapy (Bach to Blink 182 to 2 Pac to Slipknot to Da Baby to Luke Combs. I'm all over the place.),  I love traveling, I'm introverted, I am not a fan of fake people, and I'm the friend that gives solid advice (Hit me up if you need me as your cheerleader). 

I have had my ups and downs in life, who hasn't?  I will leave my life story for another time, but they have taught me SO much. Today I'm going to talk about social media pressures! I see this topic bought up so much! "It isn't Instagram worthy." "Her life looks so amazing." "Why can't I have/do that?!" 

STOP this nonsense.

Who says something is/isn't worthy? 99% of my favorite photos are real life photos. Messy house, dirty kids, laughing faces, even the ticked off crying faces make my heart warm and fuzzy. When my kids are grown and I'm looking back at photos, I'm going to LOVE the real photos. Those will hold the most memories. Those will be more WORTHY to me instead of the posed, fake smiling faces. So stop posting the staged photos. Start posting the real life photos. Show your messy house. Show your cellulite. Show it all. Stop bashing and shaming. Start loving.
"Her life looks so amazing. How can they afford that? Why can't we do that too?"

Slam. The. Breaks.

Do you know their REAL story, not their social media story? Do you know what they have had to do to get there? Do they have an insane amount of debt, and fight over bills every night? Do you know what they have gone without? Do their parents give them things? [Don't bash them for their parents having money.]  Do you know she works 2+ jobs? Do you know they follow a very strict budget and if something doesn't fit, they go without? Do you know he’s gone 16 hours a day and barely gets to see his kids? No. You. Do. Not. Stop making assumptions.

When you go on vacation, no matter how extravagant, do you sit there and think, "Wow. Why am I treating myself/my family to fun and memories?" Heck no you don't! You are living in the moment and soaking it all in! You worked your butt off to deserve that vacation and to prepare for it. No one else knows your sacrifices to get there.

Do you look at pictures from someone else's vacation/new toy and think, "HOW CAN THEY AFFORD THAT? WHY CAN'T WE DO THAT?" Of course you do. Cue the jealousy. We need to stop tearing each other down and start cheering for each other. You DON'T know their real story, so don't make assumptions and judge others. 

Do you take your kids to the park and wish you were on the beach sipping some fruity drink? Probably. Guess what,someone is probably laying in a hospital bed WISHING they could  switch places with you. Guess what, again? Your kids are absolutely loving it and making memories. Get out of your own head and stop thinking, "This isn't good enough." It is ENOUGH. You are ENOUGH. 

We as a human race need to start cheering for OURSELVES. We  NEED to start supporting others.  We need to STOP beating ourselves up. We need to STOP judging others and breaking them down. We need to UNLEARN many things. We need to realize WE ARE ENOUGH. We are doing ENOUGH. Stop getting jealous, because you can't do something someone else is. You don't know their struggles and sacrifices. Start appreciating everything you have worked so hard for. Speak kindly to yourself.
Stay tuned for a post on self love & mindfulness coming soon.  Until then, let us know which part of this post hit home with you, the most!

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