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Yesterday the man behind the counter at the post office said to me, "I have a daughter who would like to open a boutique.  Could she stop in and talk to you?"

Of course I replied, "Yes, send her in!  I'll give her the nitty gritty!!!"

While I don't want this young lady to think it's all gold buckles and line dances- I also don't want her to be afraid to climb in the chutes to ride the bronc.  

I spent most of this morning making an Instagram Reel to summarize the basics of my job [a FEW pictures from the Reel are scattered throughout this blog post- see our Instagram page for the full Reel].

These are just a few of the things that popped into my head right away, of course there are more duties that a small business owner is responsible for.

I'll admit that running this business is much harder than I ever thought it would be, but I really don't have time to dwell on the things that go wrong because it is such a fast-paced environment with something always needing to be done- kind of like a rodeo.

Owning a small retail boutique is like being a rodeo announcer.  Just as quickly as a rodeo announcer blares the score for the last rider, the next one is climbing on the bareback horse in chute number three, ready to nod. 

While running a small business, there's as many distractions as there are cowboy boots in the rodeo crowd, and as many buckoffs and bruises.  With being a small business owner also comes the fleeting freedom nearly as exhilarating as hearing that 8-second whistle blow while still maintaining a good seat on the circuit's best bull.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that if you can handle a life as rank as a rodeo- you can handle anything. 

Cheers to chasing your dreams! 
XOXO, Brianne Evelyn


See Broker Leather's Instagram page for the list of small-business ownership duties via the full Reel]. 

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