Not Your Clunky Old Snow Boots.

These Corkys Receipts Black Buckle Booties are not just your clunky old snow boots.

A review & styling tips by Brooke Mathis.

This time of year is so hard to dress because if you want to wear something cute, you probably want your cute shoes to go with it. Not your clunky old snow boots. Meet this boot: Corkys Receipts Black Buckle Bootie. She is cute, she is cozy, and everything you need to carry you through these next couple of months.

To style these boots for a dressy occasion, I paired them with some tights, a dress, and a sweater on top. The faux fur lining of this boot helps to keep your feet warm while still being able to wear that cute dress of yours. The buckles on this boot dress it up as well, so it can definitely be worn to more of a formal event.

My second look was with leggings. I added a cozy sock to peek out just over the top of the boot to draw attention to my feet, to accent the boot, and balance out my outfit. I paired this with an oversized sweater and a necklace, and we were done. I would wear this boot the exact same way with skinny jeans. I usually have to cuff my skinny jeans enough that the cuff then replaces the need for the sock, but you could definitely wear both. You can, of course, replace the sweater with your favorite sweatshirt and a shacket too.

The third and final look was with some cropped straight-leg jeans. I love this style of boot with wide-leg or cropped jeans because the shaft height of this boot helps close the cap between your jeans and your shoe together. This boot, I also thought, hit at a very slimming spot on my ankle, helping to elongate my short little legs. The two-toned color scheme of this boot makes it stand out whether the shaft of the boot is covered or not. I also like the colors of this boot because it makes it that much more versatile to wear.

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