New To The Herd: Miss Josie Jean Reisinger

I am overjoyed that this move of my store, aka my baby, has resulted in so much love and peace in a few short months.

I try to treat my employees like family, and this hardworking girl, Grace, my first Waukon employee, has stolen my heart. I am incredibly honored to share her news with you!

Grace and her boyfriend, Reese, added a perfect beautiful baby girl to our herd today! [Actually, yesterday, I wrote this pretty excitedly and then waited for the family to make the official first post!] 😉

[Photo courtesy of BMW Photography.]

Miss Josie Jean Reisinger arrived on 3/29 at 4:22 am

weighing 6 lbs. 6 oz. and measuring 19 inches long.

These blissful parents allowed me to snuggle Josie at just 5 hours old, not knowing that as I was dressing for work this morning, my excited thoughts were, "Wear something soft and cozy, just in case you get to hold the baby."

While at the hospital, Grace told me not to cry, but I'm a tearful mess as I'm writing this.

I am the same age right now as my grandma when she welcomed her first grandchild. So I'm running with it. I may not be actually related, but I'm so proud to be allowed to be an honorary Glamma to this little sweetheart!  

Congratulations Reese, Grace, & Families!

Thank you for sharing your heaven-sent gift with me!


  • Cheryl Waters

    What a sweet post! Oh what a blessing in so many ways! Congratulations to all including you ‘honorary Mimi.’

  • Madelynn Reisinger

    Love all the kind words!!! I can’t wait to come up and meet the sweet baby girl soon!

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