Climb in the SHOOT with us.

This herd tends to play around in a different kind of shoot than traditional cowgirls.

While you might catch us around the bucking chutes, there is a good chance of a camera close behind in our shenanigans. It's been an ongoing joke that we need a reality TV show, lucky for us we partnered with BKreativ Films to give y'all a sneak peak of what life is like in this Iowa pasture. While we haven't landed an official TV show yet, we are able to add a splash of Broker Leather flavor to your life.

Brianne and the gals wanted to give our tribe of cowgirls an inside look at what our pasture looks like. This sisterhood lives more on the wild side. We tend to make a splash, but we are always here to grab a drink and "solve the world's problems." 

This project took all hands on deck, photoshoots and commercial projects are a vital part of marketing and public relations this day in age. It started as some scribbled ideas in a notebook, an inquiry email to several videographers, finding the perfect location, and of course roping our herd. Many moons later we had it all lined up. We landed the Johanningmeier Ranch, booked stylists for hair and make-up, and launched our itinerary. Then we took Sunday-Funday to a whole new level. 

Going into such a huge production we wanted to make sure that we stayed authentic. Let this be our disclaimer, every second of this video captures the heart and soul of our version of being a "cowgirl." The scenes, events, smiles, outfits, and friendships are deep rooted and genuine. Every time y'all see us in store, on screen, or out and about we want you to feel like part of our herd. We want you to feel like you are "one of the gals" because, my dear, you are one of us. This herd is more than boots and bags. It's comradery, it's adventure, and it's western wanderlust. This herd is here to encourage cowgirls [and cowboys] to chase down their dreams, to work hard for their accomplishments, and take the time to enjoy a cold beer before life slips through your fingers. 

This video captures the lifestyle that we love, while featuring some of our favorite ladies and gents. Variety is the spice of life, some gals love the arena, some gals love the trails, heck, some gals are cooler cowgirls and would rather catch a buzz than a horse. We are here to show you that it is okay to be all those things, or none of those things, we are just happy to have you in our pasture. While each of us are different, we all have a common love for the Western life and we get to share it through Broker Leather. 

With no further ado, we present to you our Pilot Episode.


Thank you so much for grazing with us, and growing with us. 


Special Thank You to our video and content creators:


Videographer: BKreativ Films

Location & Truck: Johanningmeier Ranch, Travis Johanningmeier, TJ's Fencing Company, Ford

Hair & Make-Up: Taylor Adkins & Amy Rain, The Shop A Cut Above The Rest

Clothing: Broker Leather, Wrangler

Boots: Corral Boots

Hats: Charlie 1 Horse, American Hat Co

Sunglasses: American Bonfire

Equine Trainers: Brandon Freiheit and Alesha Sveen, Freiheit Reiners

Arena Riders: Alesha Sveen & Moose, Rachel Reilly & Hippy

Broker Leather Merch: Kelly Printing, Farm Charm

Photographer: Rachel Reilly Photography

Models: Brianne Huiskamp, Rachel Reilly, Alesha Sveen, Chyan Johanningmeier, Marley Milligan, Kenzie Hovden, Elizabeth Holty, Paige Kersherner, Samantha Haskovek, Cassidy Steiger, Taylor Adkins, Bailey Hughes, Travis Johanningmeier, Payne Huiskamp

Set up crew: Logan Meyer, Travis Johanningmeier, Carson Johanningmeier

Beverages & Cooler: Busch Light, Cayman Jack, IRP/Grizzly Coolers

Charcuterie Board: Deli Arts & Letters

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