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Months ago I shared my home office vision board on IG & FB- I'm sharing it here again with hopes that it will inspire you to create your own vision board of what goals you are working towards in 2022.  I'm finally sharing why I chose the pictures and quotes I did, and what they represent. 

My vision board has proved helpful in visualizing and manifesting both my goals for myself and for my business, Broker Leather.  

Explanations of what my vision board means to me:

1. This gal has got it goin' on!  She's got the bod, the hair, the makeup, AND the margaritas!  This is my reminder that I can have it all with a bit of balance. 'Cuz you know I'll never fully give up the margaritas to have a 6-pack. 


2. This rustic grain-bin style home is exactly what I hope to build someday.  I love the dark and moody vibe of it with all the natural light flowing in from up top.  Although I realize a new build won't happen in 2022 for us, I still keep it on my vision board as a longer-term goal.


3. Reading this book has been on my agenda for years.  I promise you, making better financial business decisions is my top priority in 2022.  Just because we're small doesn't mean we can't be more profitable!  

4. I can't remember who this beauty is, but damn, she is NOT AFRAID to be herself and rock all the wildness.  Sometimes I'm guilty of watering my style down to appeal to the masses, and I don't like it.  I want to be more like this lady!


5.  A turquoise Yukon- I think this speaks for itself.  Ya'll will know it's me barreling down 51 in a ride like this!

6. The quote, "If you are the smartest person in the room- you are in the wrong room."  I love to continue to learn each day and I've gotten better about spending my rare free time connecting with people who inspire me and make me think. It can only get better from here!


7. The quote, "People don't care about your business.  They care about their problems.  Be the solution that they're looking for." I opened Broker Leather because I wanted to provide locally a selection of durable and fashionable boots.  In recent years, there's never been a store like this around for gals to actually try on boots and see the real craftsmanship in person.  Some people are very used to comfortable and quality boots; however, there are people who honestly have no idea what a fun niche this is!


8.  I LOVE my Broker Leather herd, but if I'm being honest, I'd like to add in a few more of the furry kind of animals, too.  We've sold our cows with our move, but I've promised my husband he can "retire" to hobby farm before I do.


9. Don't tell him I told you, but my husband is not much of a dancer.  I had never seen him on a dance floor the entire time we were dating- the first time I did I was about 6 months pregnant and wow.  Just wow.  I wished I'd had alcohol for that experience.  Since then, we've talked about taking dance classes a hundred times... and I really want to make it happen sooner than later!


10. "The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."  I realized that I can be a little demanding towards my children, so it's one of my main goals to show them less stress.  Each time I start to raise my voice, I visualize this quote hanging above my desk and immediately calm myself down. 


11. The quote, "Pretend that every single person has a sign around their neck that says, 'Make Me Feel Important' not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life." I am definitely a sucker for the underdog.  You can find me casually chatting it up in the corner of the bar with the old man who has nobody else to talk to, or asking a million questions to the kid in my store that clearly doesn't want to be there.  If I haven't made you feel important yet, I promise I'll get there.  I'm getting better and better every day.


12. The older I get the more of a homebody I become.  Traditionally I've been a very minimalist in my home but I have hopes of creating a much more fun boho style with my bedroom and my home.  This bedroom is an absolute dream to me.

13. Finally, this photograph of Paysen & Ryggen and I will always be one of my favorites.  We had this photo session shortly before I opened Broker Leather, before my life of chaos truly began. At this time, my heart was full of love and support from my family and friends. Every day I wish I could go back to their younger years and shift a little more focus back to these girls from always worrying about Broker Leather.  Today I make it a point to do a much better job of sharing my attention with my girls, and this is my daily reminder to do so.


I HIGHLY suggest you create a vision board for 2022.  Please reply to this email if you have any questions or would like any help or suggestions from me.  I'm living proof that this piece of paper is beneficial in life.



Brianne Evelyn



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