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Hey herd! It's Brianne. This blog post has been sitting in my inbox for over a month.  I'm finally getting around to it.  Many moons ago, I sent out a vibe to you all requesting help with blog posts.  My desk is a disaster area, my inbox is even worse, and I have a hundred things on my to-do list.  But I'm finally back. 

When I asked you all for blog post help, I hoped someone would come along with a fabulous post that would be up our alley, and most importantly, ready to share!  Well herd, I totally lucked out. 

I received an e-mail from a blogger who, as you can tell by her Instagram handle, she is the best friend I never knew I had.  IYKYN that I love me a good case of beer, most often, Busch Light. 

Please know this gal wrote this out of the goodness of her heart.  She didn't get paid to write it.  She is a legit paying customer who shopped on After signing up to be part of my e-mail list, she found out I was struggling with content and in-turn, came to my rescue.

To show my appreciation, I'll probably send her a free can koozie or two now that I've gotten her article posted.  But hopefully someday soon she'll make a trip to shop my store in-person.  If she does, I'll offer her a cold Busch Light out of my turquoise mini fridge- the only organized part of my office.  A cold corn can of Busch Latte should show her my sincere appreciation.  Until then, I'd love for you to leave her a comment as a virtual round of applause after you read her review.

I'm excited to introduce my new social media friend, Kate, and the guest boot review she e-mailed me.  

@bootsandbuschlight writes:

Quick story time, friends.  Rewind approximately eight years to the end of my broke college days.  I feel like a completely different person now, and my style has changed just as much.  Turquoise, fringe, squash blossom necklaces, boots, and all things Western fashion were not part of my wardrobe until recent years.  In fact, my first pair of "booties" were tan imitation leather with a slouchy crocheted shaft.  They cost me $20 from Vanity (does this store still exist??), and I felt pretty damn cool wearing them.  I may or may not still have them hiding in my closet…

Tall boots of any kind have been in style for what feels like forever, but over the last few years short boots have been increasingly popular.  And I'm definitely here for it!  The newest addition to my closet has quickly become my favorite pair of booties - the Circle G by Corral "Horizon Lines" from Broker Leather.

The distressed color and simple detailing of these kicks caught my eye, and the zipper on the heel is just another appealing function that happens to add more beauty.  So far I've put these babies to the test out on the town, to an outdoor concert, and a whole day at the office.  They're certainly comfortable, true to size, and will prompt so many compliments!  

I already know these boots will live in my closet for a very long time.  Broker Leather's motto is to "only look down to admire your boots," and these definitely aren’t hard to look at.  -Kate


A final note from Brianne: please be sure to check out to read more of Kate's boot reviews and short stories.  Like I said before, she sent this to me just to be "Iowa Nice" and I want her to know I'm forever grateful.  

Buy your own pair of Horizon Lines boots here.


*feel free to send in your own reviews for me to share ;) xoxo, B

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  • Christine VanHorn

    Excellent review. You ladies are both amazing.

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