Boots That Can Go Down Every Aisle

If I can’t wear my boots, I ain’t going... Wouldn’t that be the life?

But for real, name me a place you couldn’t wear these boots.

Hey guys, I'm back with another review of one of Broker Leather's Goods that is NOW ON SALE!!!  These boots are available in limited sizing, so check to see if yours is available.  Each pair is now $100 OFF!

Of course, these SALE  Corral I’m a Bird Snip Toe Boots would make absolutely beautiful wedding boots, but if you’re already married and are still daydreaming about these boots, let me tell you another aisle or two you can wear them down. 

How about an aisle of concert seats?

Maybe those camper aisles for the summer months? Either way, these boots will be sure to take care of your feet and get you to your destination. These boots make a perfect concert boots because they provide that sparkle and shine to help accessorize your outfit. It will easily take your simple outfit up a level simply by adding these bad boys to your outfit. In this particular photo, I paired them with a graphic tee dress and added some Navajo pearl-inspired necklaces. You could easily pair these boots with some jean shorts and a tee for those summer months to help you feel like the rockstar that you are. 

Outfits number one and two could easily be worn to each place, but here is another thought of where to wear these boots.

Down the liquor aisle ;)

Or let’s think vacation, party bus, or even just a date night. I kept it simple this time by wearing black skinny jeans and a black denim jacket. I felt this time that the fringe needed a little BFF to party with, so these boots, of course, were the best option. The neutral colors of these boots didn’t take away from any part of this outfit; I felt they complimented it perfectly.


Lastly, the store aisle. Got a Menards run and supper date night planned? Wear these! I promise you the comfort of these boots will help you shop for what you need and give you the confidence to insist on the things you don’t need. As pretty as they are on top, they still got enough sparkle and shine on the toes to get noticed under a pair of jeans. They can definitely be worn with straight, wide, or flare-leg jeans. These boots are not too dressy for daily wear, trust me. By pairing a basic sweater and skinny jeans with them, helps to give these boots a more relaxed feel. Don’t hesitate to grab that sweatshirt; comfy and cute is definitely a thing. 


Whichever aisle you choose to wear these boots down, these pretty little ladies would love to carry you through them. 



Special thanks to BMW Photography Productions & Connor Meyer for sharing these two wedding photos featuring our Corral I'm A Bird Snip Toe Boots.

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If these pretty white boots have you in the mood for walking down the Church Aisle on Easter Morning, make sure to check out our Easter Cookie Pop-Up Event!  Read more details, here.

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