Easter Cookie Pop-Up Event

I'm starting to brainstorm what I'm going to put in my girls' Easter Basket this year.  Afterall, it's only 20 days away!

But first, before we talk about Easter Baskets, please


for our Easter Cookie Pop-Up Event at Broker Leather on

Monday, April 3rd from 5-7 pm!

Broker Leather will be hosting Baked by Bre from Decorah, IA. Baked by Bre started as a love of baking and turned into side business 4 years ago. BreAnn (Bre) Hemesath is the baker behind all the baked goods, specializing in decorated sugar cookies. Other baked items such as cupcakes, cheesecakes, scones and more are available. On Monday, April 3, Bre will be bringing along a collection of Easter cookies, drop cookies (multiple flavors will be available) and a few other surprises.

Send yourself an e-mail reminder right now, so you don't forget Monday, April 3rd from 5-7 pm.  Join us to stock up on a few sweets for your child's teacher, daycare provider, or your neighbor.  Or simply stop by to get to know Bre in person so you're ready to hire her for your next batch of custom cookies! 

Check out the talent and other themes of cookies by Baked by Bre on her Facebook Page, Here.

Now that you know where you're going to grab some fun cookies for your kiddos next week, let's get back to Easter Basket talk...

I'm a pretty practical mom, and I don't generally go all-out.  I found this picture of the girls' Easter basket from 2021, as an example of how I roll.

Each year their Easter baskets look pretty similar. Here's a pro-mom tip, though. 

Buy yourself an Easter gift too, in the form of your kids' Easter basket! ;) 

Skip the plastic crap that you're going to throw away the following month, splurge on something you actually LIKE and want in your home!  The basket in the photo above~ we still used for blankets next to our couch.  Last years' "baskets" were actually flower pots that I use on our front porch in the summertime. I cannot find an actual picture for the life of me, but this one from Pinterest should give you a good idea.  I just "filled" the bottom of the planter with a bag of potting soil and arranged the girls' Easter goodies on top of the potting soil.

I've also used many of the wooden crates that I use for displays around my store, and this year I'm on the hunt for vases like this to go on top of my whiskey barrels.  I'll fill the vases with things like:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • Soccer ball
  • Baseballs/Softballs
  • Beach towels
  • Water bottles
  • Body spray
  • New toothbrushes
  • Bird feeders
  • Swimming Pool Passes
  • New gymnastics leotards
  • And Baked by Bre cookies, of course!

What other goodies have you included in memorable Easter baskets for your children?

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