A Shiny Gold Symbol of our Gratitude

Every time one of our customers makes a purchase- we want to make sure they feel like a winner.

Growing up at cattle shows and in the livestock industry I quickly learned to like the color purple. “Why purple?” you ask. Purple is for winners. Grand Champion ribbons at cattle shows are a bright and in your face purple, typically with gold trim and lettering, and a big ‘ole banner. If you know, you know.

This got me thinking. There is something associated to winning in every industry. NASCAR drivers get trophies and Monster Energy girls. The NFL players get rings and too much money. PGA golfers get a small fortune and some new tees. Kentucky Derby winners get a wreath of flowers and a shot at the Triple Crown. The Bachelor gets a wife and some emotional damage.

Rodeo cowboys get belt buckles and bruises.

Every time one of our customers makes a purchase we want to make sure they feel like a winner.

Let’s face it, we love a good rodeo around here. That’s why we created these Broker Leather gold belt buckle style stickers that complete each and every package that goes out our door.

We do a little happy dance every time we get to send products to our herd. Adding a touch of rodeo to the box on your doorstep makes it that much better. The bruises and buckle bunnies aren’t included. Unfortunately, neither are the Wrangler butts. Luckily the contents of the “I’ve had this forever” package will be the next outfit winner, buckle or not. Go ahead, take the reins and find some dust to kick up.  

It’s not a belt buckle that will keep your pants up, give you bragging rights, or even pay your way through the next entry fee. However, it is a shiny gold symbol of our gratitude and a reminder that we are all winners in this Broker Leather Herd.  We hope that each time you open a package we've sealed with our gold belt buckle sticker, you're reminded to Only Look Down To Admire Your Boots.  Let’s spur ‘em to 90.


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