A dress with all the feels.

Did you know that blue is a color that is associated with creative thinking and inspiration?

I did not know this until I went to write this blog post and looked it up. That is how I felt during this style session, along with some other feelings.

This Draya Satin Western Yoke Dress in Blue radiates confidence and can help inspire yourself and, hopefully, those around you. How is it that a simple color you choose to wear can make you feel that way? I’m not really sure, but I hope I can help to explain in the pictures below. In all three looks, I did have the sleeves pushed up on my arms. The cuffed sleeve helps keep the sleeve secure to your desired sleeve length.

When first slipping on this dress and the Stetson Avinia Tooled Leather Booties, I was unsure of how I could style it in multiple ways. But you know what I did? I stood there in front of my closet and mirrors, thinking really hard. I bet we have all done this before when getting ready. We just aimlessly stare into our closets, hoping something jumps out at us and is perfect for what we were thinking. That, though, is a topic for a whole different day. 


So I knew I wanted a belt, and I chose this multicolored serape print concho belt and put it around my waist. I loved how adding the belt helped to give my waist some more structured shape. I then stared over at my jewelry and reached for this short turquoise beaded necklace and put it on. It didn’t match perfectly to the turquoise buttons, but I didn’t feel like it had to either. So, lastly, I grabbed my white straw hat with a multicolored hat band. There we had it, a perfectly put-together western look. Did I feel confident in this outfit? Most definitely! This blue color had me reaching for more colorful accessories that I don’t always tend to reach for. This, in turn, allowed me to step outside my normal colors a little bit, and we all know that is good for us every now and then. This outfit, I feel, was definitely what I had hidden in the back of my head, but I wasn’t sure how to get there exactly. 


The first creative twist on this dress was to layer it over top of another dress. All I did was throw it on over top of my fitted mid-length maxi dress. This is a great option if you want a more modest look or that extra layer of warmth. I layered a silver and black concho belt to class the outfit up a bit. I still wanted some more texture to this outfit, so I unbuttoned the top two buttons and kind of folded open the top half of the dress. I added two different silver necklaces to elevate this outfit even more. To top it off, I grabbed my black felt hat and some black booties. This is a great work-friendly option, but it could also make a great date night or a more formal option. Another quick way to change this lookup would be to remove the belt and completely unbutton the dress to wear it as a kimono. I have a more casual version of this that I am going to explain next.


To wear it as a kimono, I decided to make it casual. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans, and I chose a non-distressed and dark wash for a cleaner look. I chose the beautiful Stetson Avinia Tooled Leather Booties and my tooled leather belt with a turquoise belt buckle to finish it off. This would be great for a casual outing with friends or family.

Overall, I hope this dress gives you confidence and builds you up so you can help spread that energy to those who surround you that day. You never know the confidence you can give someone else without saying a single word. I know for me personally, I admire the girls who wear what they want regardless of the occasion, simply because they like it, and it makes them feel good. We were all most likely that way once as kids, and we need to remember that we just need to wear what makes us feel good.

I know this Draya dress did it for me, and I hope it can be for you too.  ~Brooke

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