7 Top Christmas Gifts for Your Upscale Cowgirl

Let me help you take the guesswork out of what to gift your Upscale Cowgirl this Christmas.

I'm recommending the following 7 Gift Ideas from experience. 

Most of these are very tried & true gifts with proven happiness upon receiving... but a few are also BRAND NEW that I can guarantee she doesn't already have!

Since you have less than a handful of days to shop online with ensured shipping delivery by USPS, let's cut to the chase.

1. Sterling Silver & Authentic Turquoise Canisters for organizing the home.

If I lovingly received a set like this, I would use them in my bathroom to beautifully display my daily used items such as cotton balls, q-tips, and lipsticks. [Yes, this is at the top of my personal Wishlist, too.]

 2. Timeless Western Jewelry Pieces such as Turquoise and Navajo Pearls. 

Western women of all ages accentuate any style of outfit with classic and timeless Navajo Pearls.  We offer authentic and faux to match each price point.  Obviously, turquoise needs no explanation.

3. A durable leather bag or purse for all occasions and everyday use.

Women LOVE, LOVE, LOVE switching out their bags for a new and special occasion.  A different purse is as powerful as an entirely new outfit, but one-size-fits-all.

4. Organized wristlets/wallets in varying colors and patterns.

We've sold HUNDREDS of these incredibly organized wallets, and the ladies NEVER get sick of them.  Trust me, I asked, and they all said, "I'd take another one in a different color!" 

The inside of these beauties are all the same, with plenty of pockets to keep cards, receipts, checkbooks, and other supplies organized, orderly, and in their place.

5. Functional yet sophisticated silklike wild rag scarves.

Wild rags are one of the most versatile accessories of all time.  If you don't believe me, check out these 8 Wild Rag Styling Techniques [[[and then pick a favorite for your upscale cowgirl!]]]

6. Stocking Stuffer Stickers, perfect for her suitcase or water bottle. 

Fun fact: the gal who makes our durable & weatherproof stickers lives in Texas now, but she's originally from Iowa!  These adorable Cowgirl Christmas designs are unlike any others you'll see around.  Thee hick, durable, premium vinyl protects these stickers from scratching, rain, and sunlight, making them waterproof, scratch-proof, and dishwasher safe!

7. A gift card enclosed in a leather coin purse to use at her favorite store will never disappoint.

Giving a gift card ensures that someone special will get exactly the gift they want without the hassle for you. Give them their gift of choice.

Our gift cards have no processing fees or expiration dates.


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