3 Looks Featuring A Fun Top To Layer Under Those Transitional Pieces

A review & styling tips by Brooke Mathis.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate this long-sleeve-studded top. The silver studs on this top are sure to take your outfit up a notch or two. It's made of a very stretchy and super soft material that makes it very comfortable to wear all day and into the night. 

So to dress this top up, I picked out a slip dress that I had in my closet. Mine was red, but any color would work. Since this time of year is so cold, adding this top underneath was a no-brainer. The satin fabric and the studs on this top were a match made in heaven.

I paired it with the Corkys To Be Honest Chelsea Boot. I loved this boot because the silver color of this boot matched the studs but also added to the edgy look I was going for. This would be perfect for a wedding reception or a work party. If looking for jewelry, I would keep it minimal and choose a simple pair of silver studs. The top draws enough attention to itself, so there isn't a major need for earrings or necklaces. As always, though, you wear whatever you want to wear!

For the second look, I switched out the slip dress and put on a pair of olive green cotton overalls. I typically just wear a solid basic tee underneath these, but this studded top was so fun with them. I recommend this look and the next one for a day out and about with friends or a casual date night. 


Lastly, I switched it up and put on some distressed straight-leg jeans. This top was just long enough to tuck into my high-waisted jeans. It is a little on the cropped side for length, so if you're not into that look, then I suggest pairing it with your favorite high-waisted bottoms. I still kept the silver boots on, mostly because I just like them that much. To make this outfit even more casual, I would add the Adella Tooled Leather & Fringe Crossbody Bag


So if you're looking for a fun top to layer under those transitional pieces, add this top to your closet.

The next top Brooke will be writing styling tips for will be this Murdo White Floral Lace Bodysuit.  Stay tuned!



  • Linda

    I like all 3 looks with this lace top.

  • Linda

    All 3 layering of black top are nice , I think I like showing it all off with jeans!

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