Wild Rags: Why & How-To Tie

Wild Rags: Why to Wear One & How-To Tie a 4-Square Buckaroo Knot

Although the wild rag has been offering function and style to cowboys all over America since the mid 1800's, we are proud to be among the few here in Northeast Iowa that love and sport this trend wholeheartedly.

Everyday we open our doors here downtown Decorah, we still have the opportunity to educate our customers that these scarves hanging behind our counter are not only beautiful, but they are functional as well.  Wild Rags aren't something that everyone around here wears, so the curiosity surrounding our colorful collection of silks paisley and aztec print scarves seems to be endless.  

Here at Broker Leather, we boast our unapologetically ranchy personalities with the boldest prints, patterns and colors we can find. 

We wear wild rags here in Iowa all seasons.  We wear them to cut the wind from gusting down our chests as we throw hay to our horses during the fall, and to protect our skin from below-freezing temperatures as we bring in our herd of cows to milk every day, all winter long.  As we look forward to spring and summer, we'll switch out our wardrobes of clothing but keep our wild rags front and center of our closets.  We'll begin styling' our wild rags in more unique and pretty ways for the spring [since they are no longer tucked inside of our Carhartt Vests]. 

Adding a wild rag to your current clothing selection is an easy and affordable way to amp up your style.  Grab your favorite, comfortable black top, and your most flattering denim, simply add a wild rag for less than $50, and you have a brand new outfit!

Watch this video to learn how to tie a sophisticated 4-Square Buckaroo Knot:

Save this video for the next time you want to tie your cowboy scarf in a  sophisticated 4-Square Buckaroo Knot, as Liz has perfected here.



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