We are elevating our sneaker game, ladies!

Both literally and figuratively. 

These Alcala’s Ryggen Cowhide Fridge Wedges are a statement piece to add to your wardrobe. These wedge sneakers have a slight heel built in, but the comfort is unmatched. They truly are so comfortable! These shoes will also be a great option if you struggle with your jeans dragging on the ground because they can give you the extra height you’re looking for without losing the comfort of your every day sneakers. But how else can we wear these? Let’s just see….

These wedges pair nicely with skinny jeans, but you could also easily swap them for leggings. The fitted style of bottom emphasizes the wedges, allowing them to be the star of your outfit. To keep these casual, I threw on a sweater and wild rag. This is how I could see myself wearing them during the cooler seasons. Any style of jeans can be worn with these shoes; it all just depends on how much of the shoes you’d like to showcase in your outfit that day.

Right now, with these warm temps, I would pair these wedges with a pair of denim shorts and a tank top. I added the flannel around the waist to balance out my outfit and, of course, for an extra layer if I would happen to need it. I chose some copper-toned white buffalo stone earrings to accent the shoes. I would wear this outfit to run errands or out and about with my kids or friends.


These shoes are great for business casual work as well. Here, I paired the shoes with this fun plaid skirt, a graphic tee, and a denim vest. This is exactly how I would wear them to my teaching job! They are closed-toed, comfortable, and a little dressy.


Now go on with your cute little self and see where these sneakers will take you! 

✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜


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