‘Tis the season of layers!

I would like to show you how we can lay our Summer dresses into the Fall season.

The Amarillo  Fall Floral Maxi Dress is the dress we are showcasing today. Its beautiful, rich colors are perfect for the upcoming season. This dress has lots of room, so I would say it fits true to size, but you could even size down if your size isn’t available. I also consider this dress very bump-friendly for all my momma’s out there!


What do I mean by layering?

I feel like when we think of layers, our minds automatically think of jackets or cardigans. There is actually so much more to layering our outfits. We can layer with accessories like jewelry, belts, sweaters, t-shirts, sheer tops and hats. These items all add dimension and texture to outfits, which typically gives us that little extra something we are looking for. So, let’s jump right into how I layered this dress!


For the first way, I chose a harness-style belt. In this ensemble, the dress is worn by itself, and then I simply added the harness overtop, the top portion of the dress. This is a very subtle layer, but I loved the edginess it brought to the dress. I paired some orange beaded earrings and some similar-colored tooled leather heels to tie it all together. This is a great option for this time of year when it is still pretty warm out.


For a slightly warmer look, I layered it with this crochet-style cardigan. This cardigan is very colorful, but it pairs perfectly with the dress. Mixing patterns does work! All that matters is that you like it! With that being said, a solid-colored cardigan would be just as adorable if you’re not quite into that much color. The key is to have more of a cropped-length cardigan to create this look. Lastly, I added a layered set of gold necklaces for some sparkle and some dainty earrings to match. The necklaces and the cardigan gave this more of a boho chic style.


The next look is for my Western gals, but it can definitely be created with any sort of belt. I paired this with a cropped sweater again and a tooled western belt. I loved the turquoise stone buckle, as it paired perfectly with the splashes of blue in the floral print of the dress. This style is a great way to wear those cropped sweaters or tops that you probably keep seeing around. I love them for layering! If you don’t have any cropped-style sweaters, that is just fine. Most times, you can just tuck your waist-length sweaters into the belt or tie them in a knot. This is a great, work-friendly option!


My final look was a little different. I layered a long sleeve underneath the dress. Layering tops, leggings, tights, or socks under your dresses and skirts is also layering. Since this dress does have side cutouts, I understand that not being super ideal for some people and occasions. So, a great way to help with this is to grab a skin-tone-colored shirt to wear underneath it if you want that modesty. If you’re just looking for another layer of warmth, then try adding a complimenting color of shirt underneath. I chose black and then layered some black and silver beaded necklaces and a black felt hat to tie it all together. I think the biggest thing to remember with this style is to choose a fitted sleeve top so that you don’t have to worry about any weird bunching anywhere. The fitted top makes it a clean and sophisticated layer. 

So, that is my little lesson on how I personally will layer outfits in my closet. 

Comment below which one of these looks is your favorite.  I'd love to hear your opinion! ~Brooke

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Stay tuned for Brooke's next styled blog post describing how she wears our brand new Ariat Mesa Aztec Pattern Mid-Height Boots!

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