Sourdough Soiree Feat. Taylor Donahue | Sat. March 9

Swing by Broker Leather on Saturday, March 9th, from noon - 3 pm for Sourdough tips and tricks from local baker Taylor Donahue of Donahue Valley View Mercantile. 

Whether you are just curious about super-trending sourdough or if you've been cookin' awhile but have specific questions on how to get better... join us for an in-person sourdough loaf how-to from start to finish. 

[[[And hey, if you just want to be like Brianne and take the easy road by buying a loaf to eat, that's cool, too.]]]

This will be a very informal, come-and-go event where you'll take home SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE [and maybe a loaf or two!]  Taylor is truly a delight who has embraced the resurgence of a homestead lifestyle.  She's excited to share what she's learned with others and is happy to be a future resource for you bakers.

Write down what you might be struggling with, or what questions you have, and show up on March 9th [you know Broker always has a fun giveaway or special during every event!]

Taylor will also have Sourdough Starter, baked loaves and other goodies available for purchase [while supplies last!]

If this type of event interests you ~ DO NOT MISS Bakers Market on Wednesday, March 27th from 4-7 pm at the Allamakee Fairground Pavilion.

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