Satin, I swear, is my new best friend.

I love how the look of the fabric instantly dresses up an item of clothing.

Whether it is a dress, top, or even pants, I am a fan of them all.

So today, I am going to show you how to style the beautiful Taylor Satin Top. It has a very oversized fit that allows you to wear it in several different ways. Its material is great for tucking in or leaving untucked; it drapes perfectly on any body shape.

Classic Style

For this styling, I decided to keep this top looking elevated. I paired it with some faux leather shorts. I really like the sleek look of pairing these two materials together. I then added some black strappy sandals because I thought they were a dressier version of a simple black sandal. Swapping out the sandals for a black heel would sophisticate this outfit even more. I pulled this top off to the side a little bit to have a bit of my shoulder peeking out. I tucked in the front of the blouse into my waistline to create some dimension and shape. I accessorized this outfit with a gold necklace and some black earrings to tie it all together.

Casual & Edgy Style

For this next look, I went for a more casual outfit with a little bit of edge to it. I put on some faux leather leggings because, once again, I really like these two materials together. You could easily wear simple black leggings as well and get the same desired look. I then grabbed my pair of silver fall boots and the Brynn Moto Denim Studded Jacket to throw on over top of the blouse. I left the blouse untucked this time because I like longer tops when wearing leggings. To finish this outfit, I paired a statement-style necklace and some simple silver stud earrings. I loved all the silver and accessories in this outfit because it kept it cohesive and took this top in a slightly different direction.


For a Western look, I grabbed a pair of non-distressed dark wash skinny jeans. I chose the skinny jeans because I wanted to make sure I evened out the flowyness of the top. I chose a similar style of tall brown boots to help break up the jeans and added the long turquoise necklace. This necklace paired very nicely with this top. It was a perfect length and added some color to the top half of my outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this style session today :)  Don't stop having fun now!  Take a peek at the fun collection below! ~Brooke


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  • Betty Christianson

    Just wanted you to know how thrilled my Daughter-in-law LOVED the leather travel bag I gave her for her 40th Birthday! I had tucked in the box with the silver necklace…HOWDY..inside her bag! What a hit! (And I still have the 2nd travel bag left for me! Now, I need to go somewhere!!!)
    Thank You..Thank You!

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