Our Lowen Boots: The Best of Both Worlds

Today I am going to show you how to style the Stiefeld Lowen Hair on Hide Ankle Boot.  

This is one of my favorite boots right now because it is so versatile. It offers the comfort of your normal tall square toe boots, but the fun and style of a fashion boot. It’s truly the best of both worlds.  

For our first look, they are pretty casual, and ones that can be worn about anywhere in our small-town areas. The first way to style this boot is going to be the easiest way. We are going to wear them with our everyday jeans. A lot of times you will catch me in a flare or wide jeans, so here I am with a pair of my favorite flare jeans. I added a plain basic tank top, a ball cap, and a fun purse and jewelry to finish the look. This could be worn to your local livestock show going to watch your favorite littles do their thing, or just out and about to run errands. 

Next, we are taking it up a notch and pairing them with some joggers. You can see jogger-style pants in so many businesses right now. So I paired them with a graphic tee, a more structured bag, and my favorite sunnies and my outfit was complete!


Taking it up one more notch is going to be with a pair of shorts. I chose a fun pair of black faux leather shorts. I added a graphic tee with some fun sequined sleeves and a long-length denim jacket. Topped it off with a necklace and sunnies and then we were finished!


Now we're going to show a more upscale version of how we can wear these boots. The first way I chose was with black denim ankle-length jeans and a black tank top. I added a belt, bag, and jewelry with silver tones in it to give it an edgy look. 

Next is a denim maxi skirt. Simply paired with a fitted tank, a western bag, a squash blossom necklace, and earrings- it’s an adorable little Western look.


Lastly, we’re taking the boots to the office with us. I paired them with some wide-leg black dress pants and a black fitted tank top. I added gold jewelry to match the gold buttons on the pants. 

The black and white cowhide, with the tan sole of the boot, really helps make these boots go with all of your neutrals, as well as your blacks, whites, silver, and gold tones.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of styles!  ~Brooke

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