Opening Day of BL's Trucker Hat Bar

Looking for a unique and unforgettable celebration AND a fantastic party favor? Look no further!

The babes at Broker Leather have thoughtfully curated the perfect Western Trucker Hat Bar!

At our new Trucker Hat Bar [OPENING DAY Saturday, May 11th!], you and your guests are welcome to explore as many trucker hat options as you like.  Each person can create their very own custom design. 

Here's how customization works...

You pick your hat color/style/etc., and then you select which patches you would like.  YOU SET THE PRICE: All hats and patches are priced individually, so you don't have to go overboard on the number of patches to "get your money's worth."  Finally, Broker Leather staff will help you finalize your design and use a professional machine to press the patches on your hat permanently.  You're welcome to watch, have a blast shopping, hang out, and/or enjoy a cocktail with your besties!

Our Trucker Hat Bar will be perfect for all of life's rodeos: bachelorette parties, pre-concert gatherings, birthdays, work events, and more. 

  • At this time, our Trucker Hat Bar is open "to the public" every Saturday from 10-3.  Other times it may be available as staffing and time allows- you are always welcome to ask!
  • There is no "extra" cost for bringing a group to our Trucker Hat Bar.  We just ask that you let us know in advance if you have three or more people so we can have extra staff available to run the press and assist other customers in the store.  Please e-mail if you plan to attend with three or more people at a time.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We will most likely have more patches available in the store.  Brand new hat patches are arriving daily, and we'll continue to update photographs and online inventory as quickly as we can.
  • Our hat patches have all been photographed next to a plastic gift card for easy-glance size reference.  

 Use the following links to [begin to!] shop our Custom Trucker Hat Bar:

  Blank Trucker Hat for Customization [Adult] 

✜ Blank Trucker Hat for Customization [Youth] 

✜ Trucker Hat Patches [Symbols] 

✜ Trucker Hat Patches [Words & Sayings] ✜ 

✜ Trucker Hat Patch Letters [Aqua & Gold] 

✜ Trucker Hat Patch Letters [Leopard]  

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