Olive is a Neutral Color in My Wardrobe.

If you know me, you know that olive is a neutral color in my wardrobe and is a color I tend to wear all year round.

I love how in the summer, I can pair it with bright colors, and in the fall, it can be worn with other natural earth tones. So these Karla High Rise Denim Shorts were definitely coming home with me as soon as I saw them. These shorts do have a little bit of stretch to them, making them very comfortable to wear. I would still recommend sticking to your true size for the best fit. 

So for today's blog post, I styled these shorts with some dressy sandals, sneakers, and of course, my current favorite pair of boots. 

For the sandals look, I decided to dress this outfit up a bit by choosing some tan and silver studded sandals. I had the olive shorts on and then grabbed this satin tan tank top to elevate the look even more. There is something about a satin top that makes everything so much prettier. This would be a great outfit for a quick date night, attending a shower, or a day out and about exploring your favorite downtown.  

Next up is the sneakers. I chose some black leopard sneakers, but you could wear about any color or kind of casual sneaker. To keep things simple, I reached for this striped black and white tee. To add a pop of color, I threw on this orange fringe shoulder bag. This is a great outfit to run errands in, meet up for lunch, or attend any type of extracurricular activities in. 


Now let's make these shorts western. Shorts and boots are such a perfect combo, and I'd like to add that about any color or style of boot that could go with these shorts. Tall boots or short boots, either way, is just fine. I personally love these Liberty Black Rebel Boots so much that I had to snag a pair for myself. So for this look, I went with a graphic tee because that's what a lot of us are wearing right now. I added a fringe cowhide bag to add some texture to this outfit and a fun green-tone beaded wrap necklace. This look is great for an upcoming fair or event. 

These shorts are so effortless to wear and are going to carry you into fall. Wrap a flannel around your waist, and you are ready to take on the day!

✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜     ✜

 STAY TUNED for Brooke's next blog post detailing how to style these Ariat Greeley Western Booties.

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