Keepin' Things Sassy With a Pink Pick Me Up

with Brooke Mathis.


Lord have mercy on this Primrose Studded Pleated Pink Skirt. She means business. She means poise. She means confidence. I mean, I could keep going, but this isn't supposed to be a vocabulary lesson.


To be honest, I initially had no idea what I would wear with this skirt. But let me tell you that once I put it on, the ideas just started rolling in like a freight train, and I just wanted to keep trying more outfits on. I was wearing a small, and the length of this skirt was a bonus as it hit me just above the knee, and I am 5'2". I would say it fits true to size.

So are you ready to see what I came up with? Let's get to it. 


How do you say you mean business without actually saying you mean business? Wear this skirt. Pairing this skirt with a solid-colored top and adding the black blazer and some necklaces was like BOOM! I am here, and I am not messing around. I wore a short black bootie with it, but you could easily wear any type of heels if that's what you have in your closet. Also, adding a pair of tights under this skirt would be a great idea as well if you're looking for warmth or more cover. 


The second idea makes me think of poise. This outfit is the perfect balance with a cute feminine sweater on top and an edgy little skirt on the bottom. Pairing this outfit with any sort of tall boot is the perfect option, whether it's a western boot or not. This would be so cute for joining your ladies at a shower for a new little baby girl or that sweet friend of yours that's about to tie the knot. This could also be a great option for work attire as well, depending on your work setting. 


This denim button-up shirt option could easily go with the above occasion, but why not brainstorm another idea? I mean, Easter is right around the corner, and this perfect pink color, why not wear it to your next family gathering? With the relaxed look of the denim shirt, it makes the skirt even more casual. I loved the I'm a Bird Snip Toe Boots with it, but you could also trade them out for a tall gladiator flat sandal for those warmer months. I do like wearing a taller shaft shoe with this skirt to break up that space between the skirt and my legs. 


Now to bring us to my last outfit. My initial thought for this skirt was a bachelorette party. I mean, the perfect pink color screams the Cowgirl Barbie theme that's going on right now. So I immediately grabbed a graphic tee out of my closet to put on, tucked it into the skirt, rolled my sleeves up once, and threw on some boots, and there we had it—a perfect little party outfit. The pleats on the skirt are perfect for twirling around that dance floor all night long, and the studs add enough shine to the outfit that I didn't feel like I needed much for jewelry. Adding a denim jacket for nighttime would only amp up the fun. 


So just remember, if you need a "pick me up" in any of the areas I listed above, remember that this skirt is counting down the days for you to grab it.



Thanks for tuning in again!  ~Brooke

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